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Call For Contributions: 2007 IEEE SOA Industry Summit (SOAIS 2007)

From: Stephanie Chow <Stephanie.Chow@uoit.ca>
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2007 IEEE SOA Industry Summit (SOAIS 2007)



Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural style that seeks to create a set of business-aligned IT services that collectively support an organization?s business processes and goals. As a cross discipline, this alignment of business and IT addresses how to enable IT technology to help people perform business services more efficiently and effectively.


The 2nd Industry Summit on SOA (http://www.soaindustry.org), organized by IEEE, is intended to bridge the gap between Services Computing and business models that are supported by them, with an emerging suite of ground-breaking technologies that includes SOA, business process modeling, event-driven architecture, integration and management, grid/utility/autonomic computing, enterprise service bus and Web 2.0. The relative placement of these emerging technologies, concepts, standards and disciplines need to be clarified for the pragmatic needs of the industry.





The theme of this summit is ?Services: Science, Technology, and Business?. The SOAIS event is focused on industry practitioners who work on real-world systems, applying the SOA principles, standards, technologies, tools, protocols, solutions and management. These practitioners had exhibited the ability to combine multiple technologies, standards and initiatives within the SOA world in order to create a viable and pragmatic solution that has successfully been demonstrated to solve problems.? In addition to best practices or, in the case of an emerging discipline, adequate practices that have proven successful are needed.? In addition warning examples of how not to apply projects are also welcome because they provide a venue and context for avoiding common pitfalls in the combination off SOA resources that are often confusing to practitioners in the field.


In consideration of the value of the time of such practitioners in writing a full-length paper, particularly for the people in the industry sectors, SOAIS 2007 is proposing a new format for paper submission. In place of the requirements of 8-page long research papers, we encourage the professionals and practitioners in the industry sectors to submit a 2-page abstract consisting of experience reports. 


It is recommended that a presentation document is attached with the abstract. Experience reports are expected to provide and describe new insights gained in the context of case studies or the application of SOA in practice. 


These papers will be evaluated on their relevance and significance to industries and the clarity of expression. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, which will be included in the IEEE digital library and Engineering Index (EI) database.



Categories of Industries


The industry sectors include, but are not limited to:


- Public Sector

* Defense and Domestic Security: Homeland Security, border control, registered traveler and other domestic security initiatives, as well as total asset visibility for armed services.

* Justice and Public Safety: integrated justice, law enforcement, courts, and corrections.

* Health and Human Services: Medicaid, human services and benefits for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable populations including children, the elderly and the poor.

* Citizens Services: motor vehicles departments and electronic voting solutions.


- Financial Services

* Banking and Mortgage

* Enterprise Payments

* Life and Pensions

* Property and Casualty/General Insurance

* Investment Management

* Credit card

* Loan


- Communications

* Networking

* Messaging

* Broadband

* Prepaid



- Transportation

* Passenger Services

* Airports

* Logistics

* Weather Information Services


- Consumer and Industrial Products

* Life Sciences

* Consumer Products and Retail

* Industrial Products


- Healthcare


- Manufacturing


- Electronics



Call for contributions


The technical topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


Foundations of Services Computing

- Services Science

- Services Modeling and Implementation

- Services Delivery, Deployment and Maintenance

- Services Value Chains and Innovation Lifecycle

- Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Industry Standards and Solution Stacks

- Services-based Grid/Utility/Autonomic Computing

- Services Computing in Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks (MANETs)

- Services Level Agreements (SLAs) Negotiation, Automation and Orchestration

- Services Security, Privacy and Trust

- Quality of Services (QoS) and Cost of Services (CoS)

- Ontology and Semantic Web for Services Computing

- Case Studies in Services Computing


Services-Centric Business Models

- Business Services Analysis, Strategy, Design, Development and Deployment

- Service-Oriented Business Consulting Methodology and Utilities

- Intra- or Inter- Enterprise for Business-to-Business Services Control

- Services Revenue Models, e.g., Fee-for-Transaction and Fee-for-Service.

- Services Strategic Alliance and Partners

- Services Network Economic Structures and Effects

- Ontology and Business Services Rules

- Trust and Loyalty in Services-Centric Business Models

- Cultural, Language, Social and Legal Obstacles in Services-Centric Business Models

- Commercialization of Services Computing Technologies

- Industry Services Solution Patterns

- Case Studies in Services-Centric Business Models


Business Process Integration and Management

- Mathematical Foundation of Business Process Modeling, Integration and Management

- Business Process Modeling Methodology and Integration Architecture

- Business Process Management

- Collaborative Business Processes???? 

- Extended business collaboration architecture and solutions

- Business Process-Based Business Transformation and Transition

- Enabling Technologies for Business Process Integration and Management

- Performance Management and Analysis for Business Process Integration and Management

- Security, Privacy and Trust in Business Process Management

- Return On Investment (ROI) of Business Process Integration and Management

- Requirements Analysis of Business Process Integration and Management

- Enterprise Modeling and Application Integration Services, e.g. Enterprise Service Bus

- Case Studies in Business Process Integration and Management


Service-Oriented Enterprise

- Implementation of Web Services-based Service Oriented Architecture

- Service-oriented Modeling (analysis and design for SOA)

- SOA governance and IT strategy

- Web Services Standards and Implementation Technologies

- Web Services Specifications and Enhancements (e.g., UDDI, SOAP, WSDL)

- Web Services Discovery

- Web Services Composition and Integration

- Web Services Invocation

- QoS for Web Services (e.g., security, privacy, reliability, performance, fault tolerance, etc.)

- Web Services Assessment (i.e., validation & verification)

- Web Services-based Testing Methodologies

- Service-oriented Software Engineering

- Service-oriented Project Management

- Semantic Web Services

- IT Infrastructure Management for Web Services

- Solution Management for Web Services

- Multimedia Web Services

- Web Services-driven Business Process Management

- Web Services-based Mobile Computing

- Web Services-based Grid Applications

- Domain Specific Web Services Applications and Solutions





SOAIS 2007 will be co-located in Salt Lake City, Utah with 2007 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2007 <http://conferences.computer.org/scc/2007/> ) and 2007 IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 2007 <http://conferences.computer.org/icws/2007/> ). 





-  Tony Shan, Chief SOA Strategist/Architect, Strategy & Architecture Group, Bank of America

-  Ali Arsanjani, Chief Architect, SOA and Web services Center of Excellence, IBM



Important Dates


Abstract Submission Deadline: February 15, 2007

Decision Notification (Electronic): March 15, 2007

Camera-Ready Copy & Pre-registration Due: March 31, 2007


Event: July 9-13, 2007. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.





Contact Tony Shan (tonycshan@gmail.com)



Paper submission




Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research papers that are not being considered in another forum. Please note that the same paper should not be submitted to SCC 2007 and ICWS 2007 simultaneously. Such duplicate submissions will be rejected from both conferences without review. Please follow the IEEE Computer Society Press Proceedings Author Guidelines to prepare your papers. Electronic submission of manuscripts (in PDF or Word format) is required. At least one author of each accepted paper is required to attend the conference and present the paper. The enhanced version of the selected papers published in SCC 2007 will be invited for publication in the International Journal of Business Process Integration and Management (IJBPIM) <http://www.servicescomputing.org/ijbpim/> , the International Journal of Web Services Research (JWSR) <http://www.servicescomputing.org/jwsr> , the International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing (IJGUC) <http://www.servicescomputing.org/ijguc/> , and possibly other reputable journals.




Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Services Computing (tab.computer.org/tcsc <http://tab.computer.org/tcsc> )


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