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New Book: Semantic Web Services, Processes and Applications

From: Jorge Cardoso <jcardoso@uma.pt>
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 11:09:24 +0100
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Dear colleague,
We are pleased to announce publication of "Semantic Web Services, Processes
and Applications" Cardoso, J., Sheth, Amit (Eds.), Springer, Hardcover,
ISBN: 0-38730239-5, 2006.

"This book explains concepts and methods used to develop Semantic Web
Services and Processes, and also presents innovative applications from
several domains. For researchers, teachers and students who want to learn
about these emerging technologies, this book provides an overview of the
core aspects; for practitioners, the case studies provide insight into the
application of this new technology." -- Christoph Bussler, CISCO

Further information:
Book consists of discussions questions and exercise ideas, which can
facilitate class room adoption. Presentation material for several chapters
are also made available on the book web site, as are pointers to tools that
are free for academic use and  could be used for exercises. Special Bulk
Discount of 30% is Available for Course Adoption-please contact Jorge
Cardoso or Amit Sheth for details.
--- Table of Contents ---
PART I: Semantic Web Services
The Semantic Web and its Applications 
Semantic Annotations in Web services 
Web Services Modeling Ontology 
Keywords, Port Types and Semantics: A Journey in the Land of Web Service
Temporal Reasoning of Reactive Web Services 
PART II: Semantic Web Processes
Basic Concepts in Choreography 
Designing Semantic Web Processes: The WSDL-S Approach 
Web Services Composition 
Matching and Mapping for Semantic Web Processes 
PART III: Real-world applications
Developing an OWL Ontology for E-Tourism 
Semantic Technology for e-government 
Bioinformatics Applications of Web Services, Web Processes and Role of
Building Semantic Business Services 
Programming the Semantic Web 
This book is part of Spring Book Series on "Semantic Web and Beyond:
Computing for Human Experience"
Jorge Cardoso
Department of Mathematics and Engineering
University of Madeira
9000-390 Funchal
Fax: +351 291 705 199, jcardoso [*.A._.T$] uma.pt

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