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3rd International Workshop on Semantic and Dynamic Web Process - IEEE ICWS06

From: Jorge Cardoso <jcardoso@uma.pt>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 14:58:32 +0100
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                        | Call for Papers |
                 Third International Workshop on

                 Semantic and Dynamic Web Process 

                         (SDWP 2006)

                    In conjunction with the
    2006 IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS'2006)
            September 18-22, 2005, Chicago, USA

SDWP Workshop aims and Objectives
Organizations are increasingly faced with the challenge of managing
e-business systems and e-commerce
applications managing Web services and Web processes. Web services promise
universal interoperability
and integration.
Several researchers agree that it is essential for Web services to be
machine understandable in order
to support all the phases of the lifecycle of Web processes. The intelligent
combination of Web services
and the Semantic Web can start off a technological revolution with the
development of Semantic Web
Processes. These processes can bring together autonomous and heterogeneous
applications, data, services,
and components residing in distributed environments. These technological
advances can ultimately lead
to a new breed of Web-based applications.
The major goal of the workshop is to bring researchers, scientists from both
industry and academics,
and representatives from different communities together to study,
understand, and explore the phases
that compose the lifecycle of Semantic Web Processes.
In particular, we wish to emphasize the research and technological issues
related to supporting more
flexible, dynamic and scalable Web processes to meet the advanced needs of
the organizational processes
in the networked global economy.

Proceedings publication: 
The contributions from the first workshop were published in the Lecture
Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)
series (Volume 3387, lunch date Feb. 2005).
   Selected, revised and extended contributions from the second workshop
were published the book "Semantic
Web Services, Processes and Applications", Cardoso, J. Sheth, A., by
   This year the contributions will be published by the IEEE society.

Topics of Interest
The theme of the workshop is: Semantic and Dynamic Web Processes. One of the
main points
of this workshop is to focus on one of the most promising solution to
support all
Web Process lifecycle phases, the use semantics. Semantics include rich
of Web services and Web processes that can be used by computers for
automatic processing
in various applications. While enterprises have sought to apply semantics to
manage and
exploit data or content, for example to support data integration, Web
Processes are the
way to exploit their applications, increasingly made interoperable as Web

Submissions are invited that focus specifically on the challenges in
applying semantics
to each of the steps in the Semantic Web Process lifecycle. In particular we
the role of semantics in:

  - Annotation (Semantic Annotation of Web Services)
  - Discovery (Semantic Web Service Discovery)
  - Composition (Semantic Process Composition)
  - Process Execution/Enactment (Semantic Web Process Orchestration), and
Quality of Service
    of Semantic Web Processes

We invite researchers and experts of web service and semantics to submit
original research
papers as well as reports on work in progress related to Semantic Web
Process lifecycle.
Suggested topics include but are not restricted to: 

- Semantic Web Processes
- Dynamic Web Processes
- Web Processes Lifecyle
- Use of Semantics in Annotation, Discovery, Composition, and Orchestration
of Web Services and Processes
- Semantic Selection of Web Services
- Semantic Web Process Quality of Service 
- Dynamic Changes and Composition of Semantic Web Processes
- Web Process Reasoning
- Web Processes Complexity
- Ontological representation of QoS and Execution Semantics
- Exploiting Domain Specific Semantics for Web Services (e.g. domains
include, but not limited
  to, bioinformatics, telecommunication, travel, financial, and legal)
- SOA and Grid Computing with dynamic allocation and semantics
- Workflow Technologies and Semantics
- Standards extensions (incl. WSDL, UDDI, BPEL) to support dynamic
evolution/changes, and semantics

Paper Submission and Review
Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research papers that are
not being considered
in another forum. Submitted manuscripts will be limited to 8 (IEEE
Proceedings style) pages
and required to be formatted using the IEEE Proceedings template. Please
follow the
IEEE Computer Society Press Proceedings Author Guidelines to prepare your
At least one author is required to attend the conference and present the
paper. An electronically
submitted abstract will be required prior to the submission of the full
paper. Electronic
submission of manuscripts (in PDF or Word formats) is required. Submissions
should include
the paper title, abstract, name of authors, their affiliations, emails
addresses, and postal
addresses. In addition, the author responsible for correspondence should
include his/her
telephone number and complete email address.
Please go to http://conferences.computer.org/icws/2006/submission.html for
more details.
Papers submitted to the workshop will undergo a peer-review process. 

On this year's edition, we have set up an online submission and reviewing
system so that the
whole track management process is simplified. Please go to
http://dme.uma.pt/jcardoso/Research/Conferences/sDWP06/OpenConf/ to submit
your paper.

Important Dates
Papers submission deadline: April 29, 2006
Author notification:        May 21, 2006
Camera ready:               Jun 4, 2006
Workshop:                   Sep 18, 2006

Workshop Organization
Jorge Cardoso, University of Madeira, Portugal, jcardoso@uma,pt
Amit Sheth, University of Georgia, USA, amit@cs.uga.edu
Rama Akkiraju, IBM TJ Watson Research Center Hawthorne, USA,

PC Members
Amit Sheth , University of Georgia (USA) 
Anca-andreea Ivan,IBM
Biplav Srivastava,IBM India ?
Christoph Bussler , CISCO (USA) 
Dimitris Plexousakis , ICS - FORTH (Greece) 
E. M. (Max) Maximilien, IBM Almaden Research Lab
Jacek Kopecky, DERI
Jorge Cardoso , University of Madeira (Portugal) 
Karthik Gomadam, University of Georgia
Kunal Verma , University of Georgia (USA) 
Leo Obrst , The MITRE Corporation (USA) 
Malu Castellanos , Hewlett-Packard Laboratories (USA) 
Marco Pistore , University of Trento (Italy) 
Mark Burstein , BBN Technologies (USA) 
Mark Little , Arjuna Technologies (UK) 
Mathias Weske , University of Potsdam (Germany) 
Rama Akkiraju , IBM (USA) 
Ryusuke Masuoka , Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc. (USA) 
Sanjay Chaudhary , DA-IICT (India) 
Siegfried Handschuh , FZI, University of Karlsruhe (Germany) 
Sonia Bergamaschi , DII - Universita` di Modena e Reggio Emilia (Italy) 
Thomas Vitvar, DERI
Alain Leger , France Telecom (France)
To be completed...

Kind Regards,
The Workshop Organization,

Jorge Cardoso, jcardoso@uma.pt 
Amit Sheth, amit@cs.uga.edu
Rama Akkiraju, akkiraju@us.ibm.com
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