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Question on OWL-S 1.0 Profile

From: Alexandre Lins <avrl@bol.com.br>
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 13:13:10 -0200
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I have a question about the new OWL-S 1.0 specification 
and I thought perhaps someone in the list could help me 
with this.

Looking through the specification for the profile I 
noticed that the parameter descriptions (IOPEs) were 
modified and became simple pointers to definitions in 
the process model file.

This new arrangement is more compact and clear, but 
from the point of view of service discovery and 
matchmaking, does not it means that now I need to send 
a profile and a process model to perform matching?

In the last version of the specification the names and 
types of the parameters (IOPEs) were described in the 
profile itself, and to perform matchmaking I could 
simply send a profile description to a matchmaking 
engine, right?

Now there is no such information on the profile 
anymore, and so I would need to send both descriptions 
(profile and process model) to the matchmaker. Either 
this, or not sending any information regarding IOPEs 
for the matchmaker, in which case the match would be 
done based only on service parameters and categories, 
and other information.

I just wanted to know if really got it right, or if I 
missed something. Or perhaps there is some other 
solution to this. Can someone help me with this?


Alexandre Lins.

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