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Re: DAML-S ws composition: Is the cycle complete?

From: Bijan Parsia <bparsia@isr.umd.edu>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 23:14:06 -0400
Cc: Web services list <www-ws@w3.org>, charlie.abela@um.edu.mt
To: Charlie Abela <charlie@semantech.org>
Message-Id: <26C45498-F2F4-11D7-BD79-0003939E0B44@isr.umd.edu>

On Monday, September 29, 2003, at 04:37  PM, Charlie Abela wrote:
> Hi all,
> my questions are simple and hopefully relevant.
> How important for the WS composition cycle is the caching of newly 
> created WS
> descriptions (especially the process model)?

Thus far, not very? :) I'd suspect that it's never going to be *very* 
important, except, *maybe* as a performance boost (and, then, I'd look 
for some internal datastructure, not a DAML-S description, but ok, I 
can maybe see something). If we're talking a planning system, then 
remember that you aren't likely to get anything fundamentally or 
dramatically *new* out of this sort of "bootstrapping".

> I am asking this question because I haven't seen work/discussions that 
> gives it
> the due importance, so is it because this is not an issue or what?

I don't know of anyone that uses such inside a "composition cycle" so 
it's currently moot. Between such cycles, you can just use the normal 
discovery mechanisms.

> Has anyone done work on composition where the output is a DAML-S 
> description
> that goes beyond the use of sequences? I know about the work from the 
> mindswap
> and UMBC groups, but to my knowledge none of these have transformed 
> their plans
> into complete DAML-S definitions which make use of other control 
> constructs (in
> the process model).

We've just started extending our SHOP2 work to generate conditional 
plans (basically involves reading off the task network for a successful 
plan). We've also been working own extending our interactive composer 
to handle control constructs (simpliciy, dataflow, control flow...pick 
1 :)).

Again, I'd be very surprised if the conditional plans themselves made 
very interesting methods. They might, as I said, tune performance 
(though I'm skeptical).

Perhaps you could explain what you were expecting, and how you think it 
might be achieved?

Bijan Parsia.
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