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[Fwd: Re: DAML-S/OWL-S comments and questions]

From: Monika Solanki <monika@dmu.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 10:00:39 +0100
Message-ID: <3F9798B7.7000200@dmu.ac.uk>
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Hi Michael ,

Pls find the responses below:

Hausenblas, Michael wrote:

> Good morning DAML-S community!
> I recently read the DAML-S drafts-and I am deeply impressed.
> Thanx for the work done yet, because that's IMHO exactly what we need
> to get the SW up and running. Nevertheless I got some comments on the 
> drafts and the DAML-S web site, I'd like to share:
> 1. Just some organisational matter: the OWL-S 1.0 draft only shows up
>    the community archive/publicationa page. Is this on purpose?
Many of us are busy with the ISWC. The 1.0 release will be announced 
shortly, after work on that has been compiled and updated. You can 
expect this after Nov 5th

> 2. A newbie question: In the 0.9 DAML-S draft, section 5.1 the example
>    for the unordered control construct does not make sense to me.
>    Shouldn't there be Z = (Unordered X Y) instead of Z = (Unordered A
>    or did I miss something?
No, it is just a typo and will be fixed in the next release.

> 3. Are there any trust building functions or access constraint
>    (security facets I miss, or did I leave out some documents
>describing it)
>    in DAML-S/OWL-S?
Grit Denker, Lalana Kagal, Tim Finin, Massimo Paolucci, and katia 
Sycara. Security for DAML Web Services: Annotation and Matchmaking. In 
Proceedings of the 2nd International Semantic Web Conference, 2003

You can find other relevant papers at


> 4. And last but not least: If I like to contribute to the current work,
>is there
>    a need in any area (programmatically, semantics, research), i.e. is
>input desired?
We have regular discussions regarding technical issues on this mailing 
list. Your are ideas, comments and suggestions are most welcome.

> Ok. That's it for today-hope there will be a response;)
> Sincerely yours
> Michael
Hope that helps,


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