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Re: DAML-S ProcessModel

From: Stanislaw Ambroszkiewicz <sambrosz@ipipan.waw.pl>
Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 21:17:12 +0200 (CEST)
Message-Id: <200305191917.h4JJHCr27668@ns.ipipan.waw.pl>
To: sam@ksl.Stanford.EDU
Cc: www-ws@w3.org


  >  If I understand you correctly, what you're proposing requires
  >  web service providers to operate their web services in a very
  >  different way than they do now.  Our objective with DAML-S was
  >  to describe existing web services in a computer interpretable
  >  form so that the type of interaction with WS that goes on
  >  today by a human-being could instead be done by a computer program.
  >  If we decide to change the way that Web services operate, I
  >  agree that there are many new and compelling ways to design
  >  such services, including the one you propose below.

Perhaps you mean the web services as they are described by WSDL, 
i.e., they are more or less objects with public methods exposed 
as operations in WSDL. 

The objective of our research is to automate the service 
composition process. 
That is, a client (may be user or an application) creates 
only a request. Given this request, a process (agent) is 
created that is responsible for the request realization. 
This realization is done by discovering, and then composing 
appropriate services according to *one fixed protocol*. 

You are right, the approach we propose requires a revision 
of the concept of service architecture. 

Best regards,

 -- Stanislaw Ambroszkiewicz
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