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Device/service descriptions in DAML-S and/or DAML+OIL

From: Daniel Elenius <danel698@student.liu.se>
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 16:19:06 +0100
Message-ID: <3E53A06A.1000809@student.liu.se>
To: www-ws@w3.org

Hi list.

I am about to start describing some devices using DAML+OIL and/or 
DAML-S. These will include a printer, a wall-mounted presentation 
screen, etc, and it's all just for a simulation of what can be done with 
semantic service discovery. (This will be integrated with JXTA).

Suppose I have different printers, and I want clients to be able to pick 
one that best fulfills some desired properties, like color or b/w, 
resolution, distance from client, OH capability, etc. Clients must also 
be able to find out how to actually use the printer's services, which 
could be just a print() method with lots of parameters for the desired 
printer settings, or some set_whatever() methods to set the printer's 
operating parameters. (I don't worry about the printer sending back 
asynchronous notifications at this time).

I intend to use DAML+OIL to describe the printer's properties, and 
DAML-S to describe it's services (with a WSDL grounding and SOAP for the 

The question is: Where do I put the description of the printer's 
properties? In the DAML-S Profile file, or in a separate DAML+OIL file 
(for a total of five DAML+OIL files: The DAML-S Grounding, Profile, 
Process and Service files, plus the DAML+OIL property descriptions file).

Is it a requirement to put all the DAML-S stuff into different files? It 
  could be handy to put it all in one file for very simple services 

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