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Re: Process traces

From: Charlie Abela <abcharl@keyworld.net>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 14:38:38 +0200
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To: "Web Services List" <www-ws@w3.org>
From a practical point of view and when one
considers the capability of the present tools to
handle reasoning about service models defined in
the PAC format, it is quite difficult to get to
information that is defined thru class
restrictions such as intersectionOf etc. Most
tools represent such restricted class body by a
generated variable, such as ANON92617, hence
making it difficult to understand what is exactly
going onth the instance representation this can be
somewhat more relaxed, in my opinion giving the
user more ease to query and retrieve information
with the tools already available
Having said that I might not be considering all
the issues involved at this point some of which
could be fundamental issue as stated by Drew.


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University of Malta,
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