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From: Von Riegen, Claus <claus.von.riegen@sap.com>
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 09:26:42 +0200
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While I am not familiar with DAML-S, I don't understand the problem statement "The problem of UDDI is that it does not have an explicit representation of what the Web Service does. Therefore, the search for a Web Service with a given capability becomes very difficult. [...]"
What prevents one's publishing separate tModels for the different meanings of, for example, geographical categorization? One tModel for the service location ("this service is located in the US" and one tModel for the service area ("this service can be used in the US") meets the given requirement.
UDDI V3 [1] also introduced the concept of derived value sets in order to link category systems that are based on the same set of values but with a different meaning.


[1] http://uddi.org/pubs/uddi-v3.00-published-20020719.htm#_Toc42047576 <http://uddi.org/pubs/uddi-v3.00-published-20020719.htm#_Toc42047576> 
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