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Re: assertions review action item complete

From: Lawrence Mandel <lmandel@ca.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 18:22:22 -0500
To: woden-dev@ws.apache.org
Cc: "Amy Lewis" <alewis@tibco.com>, woden-dev@ws.apache.org, www-ws-desc@w3.org, www-ws-desc-request@w3.org
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If the assertions are to be renumbered I would really appreciate the 
new->old map so I don't have to sort through the new assertion numbers 

Thanks for thinking of those of us at Woden trying to answer the working 
group's call for implementations.

Lawrence Mandel

Software Developer
IBM Rational Software
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Arthur Ryman/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA 
03/09/2006 02:55 PM
Please respond to

"Amy Lewis" <alewis@tibco.com>, woden-dev@ws.apache.org
www-ws-desc@w3.org, www-ws-desc-request@w3.org
Re: assertions review action item complete


Thx. It wasn't necessary to renumber the existing assertions. I didn't 
want to break Woden. 

I think we should do a batch renumbering before we exit CR, and provide a 
new->old map. 

Arthur Ryman,
IBM Software Group, Rational Division

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"Amy Lewis" <alewis@tibco.com> 
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02/28/2006 11:33 PM 


assertions review action item complete


I had three sections to complete:

Part 1 Introduction: I found no assertions in this section.

Part 2 Predefined MEPs:  I found a largish number of assertions.  I found 
it necessary to renumber all of the existing ones to match the list 
provided by Arthur.  I also changed several "class" attributes and added 
"required" attributes as necessary.  I added a number of additional 
assertions (at least two per predefined MEP).

Part 3 Predefined Extensions: I added assertions.

Note: assertions seem, in these areas of our document, to often be more 
complex than anticipated by the markup.  For instance, a number of places 
could quite easily belong to both the class "exchange" and the class 
"component" (all of the "MEPNameComposition-idnumber" ones, for instance), 
and there are a number of occasions in which an outer "MAY" surrounded an 
inner "MUST".  I do not suggest that we attempt a more complex markup for 
ourselves, but those interested in this sort of markup may wish to explore 
the requirements (and current limitations).

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