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Re: WSDL 2.0-related comments on WS-Addressing 1.0 WSDL Binding

From: Hugo Haas <hugo@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 09:46:43 +0100
To: www-ws-desc@w3.org
Message-ID: <20060227084643.GA613@w3.org>
* Hugo Haas <hugo@w3.org> [2006-02-23 16:46+0100]
> As part of our review of the WS-Addressing 1.0 WSDL Binding Working
> Draft, I have found a few WSDL 2.0-related comments:
> - Section 3.1.1 WSDL 2.0 Component Model Changes
>   Some WSDL 2.0 lingo tweaks:
>     A property of the binding or endpoint named {addressing required}
>     of type xs:boolean
>   should be phrased:
>     A property {addressing required} of type xs:boolean, to the
>     Binding and Endpoint components

I have another comment on this section.

It says:

  A property of the binding or endpoint named {addressing required} of
  type xs:boolean. The property value is the value of the
  wsdl:required attribute information item on the wsaw:UsingAddressing
  extension element, if present; otherwise "false".

It means that, if a WSDL processor supports WS-Addressing, this
property will always be present. There are basically 2 states:
- {addressing required} = true
- {addressing required} = false

However, using the wsaw:UsingAddressing, you have 3 states:
- <wsaw:UsingAddressing />
- <wsaw:UsingAddressing wsdl:required="true" />
- no wsaw:UsingAddressing in the document

So, it should be made clear that {addressing required} is an optional
property, whose value is "true" if wsaw:UsingAddressing is present and
wsdl:required="true" is present, "false" if wsaw:UsingAddressing is
present by wsdl:required is not equal to "true", and not present



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