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Re: binding/service question

From: Arthur Ryman <ryman@ca.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 09:10:14 -0400
To: "Nicolas Mailhot" <nicolas.mailhot@laposte.net>
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Yes, you can and should define one binding and multiple services. Here's 
how to do it.

1. Create the common binding wsdl, e.g. binding.wsdl and put it on a 
common server.
2. At each node, create a service.wsdl that uses the binding and defines 
its own endpoint. It should import binding.wsdl.

A client application can use a common proxy for binding and then set the 
endpoint for each service.

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binding/service question

[ I already sent this to www-ws@w3.org but maybe this list is more


I have a system where several nodes will export the same web services
interface. The technical interface will be the same, but the datastore
behind different. Another node will connect to all these systems at once
and collect their info (this is not a load balancing setup, you can not
substitute one node for another).

Can I define a single wsdl binding and only differentiate the nodes at the
service level (since it's all the same technical interface) or must I use
different services and bindings (since on the functionnal level every node
is distinct) ?

I'd rather do the first thing since it's more robust (less duplicate info)
but I have the horrible feeling tools will get confused if I do so.

What is the right thing to do in this case ?


Nicolas Mailhot

Nicolas Mailhot
Received on Wednesday, 12 April 2006 14:27:42 UTC

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