This BP 1.0 rule implies that there can be multiple <xsd:schema> definitions within a <types> section:

5.2.2 Schema targetNamespace Syntax

Requiring a targetNamespace on all xsd:schema elements that are children of wsdl:types is a good practice, places a minimal burden on authors of WSDL documents, and avoids the cases that are not as clearly defined as they might be.

R2105 All xsd:schema elements contained in a wsdl:types element of a DESCRIPTION MUST have a targetNamespace attribute with a valid and non-null value, UNLESS the xsd:schema element has xsd:import and/or xsd:annotation as its only child element(s).


At 11:18 AM 10/27/2003, Tom Jordahl wrote:

I don't know if BP 1.0 allows multiple <xsd:schema>.
If it does (or doesn't address this at all), we should make WSDL 2.0 clear
that it is allowed.

If it does NOT, we need to think about this more, and perhaps follow their
lead in this.

Tom Jordahl
Macromedia Server Development

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"Tom Jordahl" <> writes:
> I think we should make sure that 2.0 is clear that multiple inline
> schema fragments are allowed and should be supported by processors.

Does WS-I BP 1.0 allow *multiple* <xsd:schema> elements inside
<types>? If not let's restrict to a single.

+1 to your proposal in any case Tom.