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Re: Naming the service resource

From: Amy Lewis <alewis@tibco.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 12:28:30 -0400
To: "Anne Thomas Manes" <anne@manes.net>
Message-Id: <20030725122830.228dbb4e.alewis@tibco.com>


On Fri, 25 Jul 2003 12:14:46 -0400
"Anne Thomas Manes" <anne@manes.net> wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "David Booth" <dbooth@w3.org>
> > At 11:39 PM 7/23/2003 -0400, Anne Thomas Manes wrote:
> > >While I think that R120 specifies an important requirement (URI for
> > >each element within a WSDL document), I don't think it properly
> > >addresses the requirement that I'm making.
> > >
> > >A wsdl:service element is a definition of a service implementation,
> > >but
> it
> > >isn't the service itself.
> >
> > I'm a little unclear about what you are advocating.  According to
> > the terminology that (I think) the WG uses (and I tried to clarify
> > in [1]),
> the
> > "service" is the thing defined by the <wsdl:service> element.  But
> > it sounds like you are referring to something else more abstract,
> > such that a service (using the definition in [1]) may be an
> > implementation of this
> more
> > abstract thing.  (I'll call this abstract thing the
> > "abstractService" for the moment.)
> I'm not talking about an abstract service, I'm talking about a
> specific resource. I'm proposing that we assign a URI to name a Web
> service agent -- the piece of code that implements a service. The
> wsdl:service name attribute assigns a local name to a wsdl:service
> element. You use that name to find the service's description. In an
> abstract way, that name can also be used to refer to the agent that
> implements the service, but you can have multiple descriptions of a
> single Web service agent, and each one of these descriptions should
> have a different name. So how do you indicate that all of these
> descriptions describe the same thing? (A Web service agent can support
> multiple interfaces (synch versus asynch, mgmt versus application,

> inquiry versus update, etc), so you may have multiple wsdl:service
> elements describing the same agent. Plus you might have other
> description languages(DAML, UDDI tModel, ebXML BPSS, ebXML CPP, a text
> document, etc.) all describing the same Web service agent.) A Web
> service agent can expose multiple endpoints, so using the endpoint URL
> doesn't work.

To what extent would this issue be addressed by The Return of Multiple
Interfaces Per Service? (showing soon at a theater near you!)

Amelia A. Lewis
Architect, TIBCO/Extensibility, Inc.
Received on Friday, 25 July 2003 12:29:13 UTC

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