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From: Engr.Williams Gambo <williams_gambo@engineer.com>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 23:18:41 +0200
Message-Id: <200210111202.g9BC2MB29150@frink.w3.org>
To: www-ws-desc@w3.org

It gives me great pleasure to contact you, and I do
hope this letter will not come to you as a surprise. 
Permit me to introduce myself ,I am Engr.Williams Gambo, former
Director of Finance of Malabu Oil and Gas Corporation, A company
incorporated in  Nigeria by the then Military President of Nigeria  
Gen.Sanni Abacha  and the corporation was licensed to engage in the 
exploration of Oil and gas in the Continental Offshore of The coast
of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with Oil Prospecting License  (OPL
245 and OPL 256)respectively.During,the course of this project the
sum of $US 450.M was earmarked for the take off of Oil and Gas
explorations in one of the wells allocated to our Corporation and as
fate would have it The president of  the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Gen. Sanni Abacha died of mysterious circumstances.In the
aftermath,the new regime froze all the account (local and foreign) of
the late military ruler and also terminated all contracts  that are
in any way connected to the late president.The OPL of our Corporation
was also revoked thereby rendering operations of our corporation 
useless.Since this period, the present Government have engaged in the
 sizure and frozing of all properties and monies connected with the
late president.I was the Director of finance of the said Corporation 
and a such in total control of the finances of the corporation and 
presently in  possession of  US$220.M of the said $US450.M,this money
was kept for future investment and expansion of the corporation in
various other  projects  .Hence ,I lodged the money in a security and
finance company with me and Mrs Maryam Abacha as the only people that
has knowledge  of this money.Sequel to the various investigations and
scrutiny from  the authority,I have been Instructed by Mrs Maryam 
Abacha to transfer this money to a very safe place as Presently  as
she cannot afford
the sizure of this money by the  government of Nigeria as this
particular money is what is left for her and her remaining family to
leave with .all that is now required if you are willing to asisst Mrs
Maryam Abacha is to reply this mail urgently and forward all your
contact addresses including phone and fax number to me via this email
address. Mrs Maryam Abacha  has earmark 20% of this amount for you 
for assisting in the transfer of this fund oversea while another 20%
for any kind of investment based on your advice and instruction with
20% equity share of the investment to you
as well .10% has been set aside for re-enbursement for any expenses
incured in the process of this project.

Please you are required to treat this letter as very
confidential as no other person knows about this money except me and
Mrs Maryam Abacha and your very self.Looking forward to hearing from 
you as soon as possible and May God bless you as you help us at this
difficult time

Once more I  restate our committment at the execution of this project
as this is our only hope of existence on earth.we await you prompt

Engr.Williams Gambo
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