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RE: Bindings

From: Sandeep Kumar <sandkuma@cisco.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 12:08:19 -0800
To: "Prasad Yendluri" <pyendluri@webmethods.com>
Cc: <www-ws-desc@w3.org>

I know that the word *contract* has other meanings and QoS is just one such
thing. :) So
Service Quality Binding is not broad enough.
Does Service Semantics Bindings make more sense to you?
I think it is important to have a separate *container* to hold some of the
meta information, and that is the intent.

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  Sandeep Kumar wrote:

    Isn't a client of a SP, agreeing to a published QoS for an access point,
for instance?

  Good point. However the client agrees to (has no choice but to:) use the
entire service as provided by the provider not just the QoS aspects. It
seems inconsistent to me to single this out to be "Service Contract
Binding". If the target really is QoS aspects, is Service Quality Binding a
better choice? When it comes down to it, it is just a name but the
"contract" part bothered me enough to raise a flag.  Not a big deal..
  Regards, Prasad

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    Subject: Re: Bindings
    Sandeep (et al),

    WSDL 1.1 in its current form is designed to be a language used by the
    of the service to unilaterally describe the service (interfaces,
    access-points etc.).  I can see extending this to accommodate
specification of
    different levels of QoS (say at different access points) by the
    However,  "Service Contract Binding"  implies to me a
    between two are more parties".


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    Sandeep Kumar wrote:

    > Hi,
    > In today's meeting, we had a discussion on *bindings* and we agreed
    > *InterfaceBinding*. I like that as well.
    > We were also discussing about a broader notion of binding, such QoS
    > and it was felt that it is one of the *significant* features that we
can add
    > to WSDL 1.1.
    > I wonder if Service Contract Binding would be a better term or an
    > point" for such meta-level concepts.
    > Thanks,
    > Sandeep Kumar
    > Cisco Systems
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