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Initial impression about requirements placed by WSCL on WSDL

From: Sadiq, Waqar <waqar.sadiq@eds.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 16:01:04 -0500
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These are my initial impressions on the kind of requirements WSCL places on
1)       WSCL is a very minimal set and does not clearly provide many
details needed (such as a clear mechanism for making abstract concepts
concrete).  So it is hard to determine what kind of requirements might be
placed on WSDL.
2)       It does seem like at minimum, WSDL will need to be able to model
interactions as operations.  Since WSCL operations all use document centric
computing, The message parts in WSDL should be able to handle attachments.
This is already covered by use case UC0006.
3)       WSCL errors have to be mapped to faults.  The mechanism should be
similar to the one above.
4)       WSCL defines 4 types of interactions.  Those 4 types of
interactions match the 4 kinds of operations described by WSDL.
5)       WSCL conversations are clearly out-of-scope for WSDL.
6)       I am fuzzy on how WSCL expects the protocol bindings to be
In general, WSCL seems to be incomplete.  Just like WSDL, It defines the
abstract concepts.  Unlike WSDL, it does not define how to make those
abstract concepts concrete.  That seems to represent a grey area.  For right
now, I could not see any other requirements jump out of WSCL.  WSCL is not
as rigorous as WSFL in mapping to web services.  My confusion is that it
seems like the lack of rigor in that area is by design and I am not sure
why?  Anyway, I don't not mean for this thread to become a discussion of
WSCL so I will leave it there.
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