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W3C/WS-I Coordination

From: Steve Bratt <steve@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 09:16:30 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: ecobb@bea.com
Cc: www-ws-cg@w3.org

To Ed Cobb, Chair of WS-I Liaison Committee (from BEA)

Hi Ed,

This is in follow-up to our phone call of 2 December 2004.   At that time, 
we agreed to consult within our organizations and compile a list of the key 
liaison objectives that might be better addressed under a more formal 
W3C/WS-I liaison arrangement, as compared to the current informal 
arrangement.   Further, we agreed that if we could identify a sufficient 
number objectives, we would assign one person from each side to develop a 
draft a liaison MOU and charter [1].

Following consultation with our WS Coordination Group and Team, here is an 
initial list of objectives:

1. Work to support inclusion of W3C Recommendations in to WS-I profiles, 
e.g. have them use SOAP 1.2 instead of SOAP 1.1.

2. Improve coordination of public messaging on Web services matters.

3. Gain visibility into each others non-public documents and test suites. 
We are just completing an MOU with OMA that may help to overcome obstacles 
regarding differences in IPR and confidentiality policies between our 

Have you made progress on gathering the interests of WS-I in this 
regard?  Let's arrange another call after you send your list, and as soon 
as possible.

Best Regards,


[1] Liaison section of W3C process 
Document:  http://www.w3.org/2004/02/Process-20040205/liaisons.html#Liaisons

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