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International Journal of Web Services Research Call For Papers: Special Edition on Web Services Architecture

From: Savas Parastatidis <Savas.Parastatidis@newcastle.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 15:00:50 +0100
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International Journal of Web Services Research 

Call for Papers: Special Edition on Web Services Architecture 
(see: http://ijwsr.ncl.ac.uk/)

Web Services have attracted interest from many distinct communities
within academic computing science and within the software industry. Each
of these communities has its own unique experiences and requirements
which they bring with them to the Web Services domain. This in turn has
led to a proliferation of disparate techniques for implementing Web
Services and building distributed applications based on those Web
Services. However, in spite of the wide body of architectural opinion in
the Web Services domain, there has been little in the way of structured
comparison between the various popular architectural techniques. 

For this special edition of the International Journal of Web Services
Research, the editors are soliciting high-quality original manuscripts
which highlight particular architectural styles of building Web Services
and Web Services-based applications. In particular the editors would
like to receive manuscripts which address (at least) the following

- The architectural principles for the design and implementation of an
individual Web Service;

- The architecture and design of distributed applications which utilise
Web Services constructed in accordance with the principles outlined

- An example of the architectural technique under consideration. This
example should consider the implications for both building individual
services and applications composed from those services. Of particular
interest would be real experiences from existing or future deployments;

- Interoperability issues within the favoured architectural domain, and
with those Web Services which have been developed outside of that
Papers should not focus on implementation details or platform specific
features (unless they have a significant impact on the chosen
architecture style or they are used to emphasize/prove the paper's
thesis). Instead, the papers should focus on the salient architectural
philosophies, actors, constraints, requirements, etc. which underlie Web
Services as components for building distributed applications. 

Each research paper must be an original submission and should be between
5,500 and 8,000 words that uses rigorous research supported by adequate
reference citations. Each paper must be submitted electronically in Word
or RTF format, follow the APA (American Psychological Association)
formatting guidlines*, and be accompanied by the authors biographies
(100-150 words), the authors mailing addresses and email addresses, and
follo. Formatting guidlines can be found at 

Papers should reach the editors no later than 1st November 2004.
Accepted authors will be notified by 1st December 2004, and final
versions of each paper are required by 22nd December 2004.

Dr. Jim Webber (jim@webber.name, http://jim.webber.name)
Dr. Savas Parastatidis (savas@parastatidis.name,

* Some useful links on APA 
APA Style Website 
APA style essentials 
Using American Psychological Association (APA) Format 
APA Style Template for Microsoft Word (by Derek Gwinn)
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