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WSA and state (was RE: Proposed text on 'SOA' )

From: Champion, Mike <Mike.Champion@SoftwareAG-USA.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 18:20:27 -0600
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> Subject: RE: Proposed text on 'SOA' (resend)
> I also hope that the WSA document does not take preference 
> between stateleness and statefulness. However, given the 
> definition of a service as a stateless entity, it should make 
> it clear that the latter is achieved through additional 
> protocols. It should treat and discuss the existence of these 
> additional protocols in the same manner it discusses other 
> features of the architecture like transactions, choreography, 
> security, management, etc.

I'd just point people to
http://weblogs.cs.cornell.edu/AllThingsDistributed/archives/000125.html (I
believe I pointed people to the Web Services Misconceptions article a couple
of weeks ago, and this is a followup).   

"I made a mistake in the article about web service misconceptions by
including a paragraph on how distributed object systems and web service
technologies both appear to enable different approaches of handling state in
a distributed computation. I stated that even a most basic DO system enables
state-full computing, but often could also be used for a state-less
approach. WS in their minimalistic form only supports a state-less approach.
... Now where was I wrong in the article? By including this discussion of
state at all. I had forgotten how religious the state-full versus state-less
debate was and how people are still not capable of reading passed it without
shouting fire! My mailbox is full with responses that show me examples of
how you can build state-full web services and how to do state-less
distributed objects. "
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