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From: <mike43@catcha.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 10:03:43 -0400
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To: mike43@catcha.com

African Express Bank plc(Afex)			
Plot 230 Idowu Martins St
Victoria Island					
Dear sir,	

I am Mr. Mike Osbon a Senior Manager at African 

Express Bank plc(AFEX BANK) Lagos Nigeria.I got your
contact from a foreign confidant who works with the
World Trade Organisation. I am compelled by the
important nature of the opportunity at hand to contact
you so that we can explore avenues for co-operation in
this mutually rewarding project.

A very wealthy deceased customer of our Bank  Mr. 

Talbot Chudja a Lebanese, left some large amount of 

money (US$45.5Million) in a special dommiciliary 

account with our Bank since his death in 1998. In 

his will which has just been made available to our
Bank by his Lawyer and family, he share his other
wealth located in some other bank accounts judiciously

among his family members and local welfare 

organisations, but requested specifically that the 

money in this account with us be allocated 100% to a 

foreign organization or individual trustee who will 

utilize it strictly for charity. In this will also, 

he gave sole authority for the nomination of this 

foreign trustee to his personal Lawyer - Mr. Donald 

Lukeman and the Head of the Domiciliary Account 

Department of my Bank, which position I am 

occupying at the moment. So the Authority for the 

appointment of an administrator for this fund now 

lies solely in my hands and that of the Attorney. 

Both of us (myself and the Attorney) have met 

several times over this issue and have agreed 

mutually among ourselves to transact this 

inheritance in a way that will be beneficial to us, 

and the foreign trustee. In fact, we have decided to 

utilize only 20% of this fund for charity while 

reserving the rest for ourselves,and share  equally 

between myself, the Attorney and the foreign partner 

who will assist us to recieve this money as the 

appointed trustee. Also, the foreign partner will 

receive in addidtion to his share, the 20% earmarked 

for Charity under the strict agreement that this 

part must be spent for our late customer. 

I therefore, solicit for your co-operation in this 

project so that your bank account details can 

be used to deposit this fund and disburse as stated in
the paragraph above. 

But you must also understand that a transaction of
this nature and 

magnitude requires absolute secrecy so that no one 

else hears about it, especially our aim to utilise 80%

of the fund for ourselves.If you accept to offer your
co-operation for this 

project, please reach me urgently through my email 


With Best Regards

Mr. Mike Osbon
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