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FW: Policy and Trust Implementer's Workshop Invitation -- Please Forward as Appropriate

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Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 15:45:41 -0800
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Subject: Policy and Trust Implementer's Workshop Invitation -- Please
Forward as Appropriate

Following the WS-I Basic Profile WG meeting February 4 - 6 in Redmond, WA,
authors of the recently-published WS-Policy, WS-Trust and
WS-SecureConversations specifications will host a one-day meeting on
February 7, 8am to 5pm, to discuss these and related specifications
(WS-PolicyAssertions, WS-Policy Attachment and WS-SecurityPolicy) and
general thoughts about the problem spaces addressed.

This is an ad-hoc, open forum for 1) SPECIFICATION AUTHORS to share
background information on the design of the specifications and to receive
feedback and 2) SOFTWARE VENDORS to discuss their ideas about the
practicality of implementing these and related Web Services specifications.

We'd like this to be an open meeting and collect a broad range of ideas. If
you are interested in participating in the discussions, please reply to this
mail and we will make sure that there is space for you.

The agenda is currently flexible. We will include presentations on the named
specifications and welcome discussions of others. We anticipate a good
discussion on these and welcome suggestions for other items to be included
in the agenda. This should give us a good opportunity to discuss the
appropriate factoring of the needed work in this area and the appropriate
scope for key technical workgroups and specifications.

The authors of the WS-Policy, WS-Trust and WS-SecureConversations,
WS-PolicyAssertions, WS-Policy Attachment and WS-SecurityPolicy
Specifications intend to submit revised versions of these specifications to
a standards body with a commitment to grant a royalty-free license to their
necessary patents.  We need assurance that your feedback and discussions are
consistent with that goal.  (You will need to sign the following agreement
as part of registration at the meeting):

The specifications listed above ("Specifications") are expected to be
discussed as part of this workshop.  You are not required to provide any
comments or input ("Comments") on these Specifications, but any Comments you
do provide may be incorporated into these Specifications.  By signing below,
you (on behalf of yourself if you are an individual and your company if you
are providing Comments on behalf of the company) grant to the authors of the
Specifications ("Authors") a non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide,
perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free copyright license to copy, publish,
license, modify, sublicense or otherwise distribute and exploit Comments you
provide. Likewise, if incorporation of your Comments into any of these
Specifications would cause an implementation of any of such Specifications
(as modified) to infringe a patent or patent application that you control,
you commit to grant a royalty-free license to it.  You warrant that (a) to
the best of your knowledge you have rights to provide these Comments, and if
you are providing Comments on behalf of a company, you have the rights to
provide Comments on behalf of your company; (b) the Comments are not
confidential to you or to another party; and (c) to the best of your
knowledge use of the Comments would not cause an implementation of any of
the Specifications (as modified) to infringe any third-party  patent or
patent application known to you.  You also acknowledge that the Authors are
not required to incorporate your Comments into any version of any of the

Please reply to Sarah Jamieson (sarahj@microsoft.com)
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