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RE: Label for Top Node of "triangle diagram"

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Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 19:23:19 -0400
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When adding p2p into the triangle, it overloaded the 
diagram because there was now more than one logical 
UC/Scenario.  Hence we yanked it into its own diagram. 
So I think that UC/Scenario is another property of the 
view, like roles, actions, and artifacts.


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>I still have faith in the role based triangle.
>I think much of the discussion should help 
>1) the editors know what assumptions readers may make
>	when seeing it. They must describe how roles
>	describe something and what roles are and are not.
>2) help us clearify some of the assumptions and fuzzy
>	thinking.
>For example, it seems to me we have three similar things:
> * Roles
>	the responsibilities of a class of things
> * Activities/Methods/Behavior (I don't know which verb is best)
>	what an instance of a role does
> * Artifacts
>	what is passed between instances of roles
>Each of these seem to be at a similar logical level.
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