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RE: arch diagrams from the f2f

From: <michael.mahan@nokia.com>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 11:51:33 -0400
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If implicit in these logical views is a grounding to
a single scenario, then I am in complete accord. 

Regards, Mike

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>Subject: RE: arch diagrams from the f2f 
>How about we do the simple triangle first that 'seems' client 
>server.  I
>have sent words for the triangle to chris the editor to render in
>acceptable xml.
>The only problem with the triange with the peer to peer is 
>that it makes it
>look like the pure requester is part of the scenario. I'd 
>rather create a
>new triangle that we present separately with appropriate words.
>So, first simple 'requester/provider' triangle (btw, we didn't 
>call them
>client and server on purpose for exactly this reason)
>Then we do a peer to peer
>And then Rogers variation:
>See attached:
>(See attached file: triangle.variations.ppt)
>Heather Kreger
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>Subject:    RE: arch diagrams from the f2f
>Here is a diagram which better demonstrates p2p graphically.
>BR, Mike
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>>Subject: RE: arch diagrams from the f2f
>>I think the compromise would be to base most of the initial discussion
>>around the simple, unadorned triangle, laying out the range of
>>in the text.  The elaborated diagrams should either reflect a union of
>>the abstractions and/or instantiations in the space or should reflect
>>a particular architectural style.  I would be comfortable with
>>the former
>>if it doesn't make things too confusing, but would gladly accept the
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>>     I am still concerned that these diagrams seem visually
>>to restrict web
>>     services to one messaging pattern.  No matter what the
>>words might say in
>>     the text, I think that having pictures that leave this
>>impression would not
>>     be good.
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>>     From: Mark Jones [mailto:jones@research.att.com]
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>>     To: Heather Kreger
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>>     Subject: Re: arch diagrams from the f2f
>>     Heather,
>>     I  added 3 slides at the end of the set that you sent
>>out.  I rearranged
>>     and simplified the boxes and labels a bit.  I also
>>began to append
>>     concrete technology labels on some of the boxes.  (I
>>just made a cursory
>>     pass at this to see what it would look like.  Feel free
>>to further flesh
>>     it out.)  At least while we are deciding on the correct
>>set of boxes and
>>     labels, I think it helps to identify them.
>>     Mark Jones
>>     AT&T
>>     Heather Kreger wrote:
>>     >
>>     >
>>     >
>>     >Hi folks, Here are the architecture diagrams I drafted
>>up during our
>>     >meeting today. I have some words for some of this
>>stuff that I will
>>     >align and send to the group as soon as
>>     >humanly possible.
>>     >
>>     >(See attached file: w3cStack.ppt)
>>     >
>>     >I have permission from IBM to submit both this stack
>>and the origional
>>     >triangle to the W3C for inclusion into the architecture and
>>     >modification by the working group.
>>     >
>>     >Heather Kreger
>>     >Web Services Lead Architect
>>     >STSM, SWG Emerging Technology
>>     >kreger@us.ibm.com
>>     >919-543-3211 (t/l 441)  cell:919-496-9572
>>     >
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