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FW: [USTF] high level classification

From: Sedukhin, Igor <Igor.Sedukhin@ca.com>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 11:42:50 -0400
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Before we put it in the scripts, let's take a look at the classification tree that we all can agree on. Here is my take on the classification of the use cases.

Business scenarios
	Brokering & Consolidation
	Metering & Billing

Conceptual models
	Business Processes
	Security/Identity/Policy Authority

Technical details
	Messaging & Protocols
	Descriptions & Definitions
	Discovery & Registration
	Orchestration & Choreography
	Security & Privacy
	Policies & Trust
	Management & SLA

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Subject: [USTF] high level classification


Here is a repost of the email I sent last week.

As of today's discussion, we might want to change:

<business-point-of-view> to <business-usage-scenarios>


<technology-point-of-view> to <technical-usage-scenarios>



As discussed in last week's phone conversation, it was agreed to have some high level classifications of possible usage scenarios. Such classification aids better understanding and collecting of usage scenarios.

I've come with a quick list I can think of. I am sure that you will throw in more and better ideas. 

I tried to look at the classifications from business point of view and technology point of view. Hopefully, we can combine them and get better coverage of all possible and distinct scenarios.

<classification of="WS usage scenarios" >


<role name="Service consumer">

1. Service discovery

2. Service negotiation (Service level agreement, service attribute)

3. Service engagement

4. Service feedback, (Optional)



<role name="Original Service Owner (OSO)">

1. Service management (ensures the well-being of the service)

2. Service advertising


<role name="Service Integrator" >

1. Service integration




1. Stateless services

2. Stateful services

3. Service identification

4. Service communication


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