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[USTF] ebXML Use Cases

From: Cutler, Roger (RogerCutler) <RogerCutler@chevrontexaco.com>
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 08:45:06 -0700
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I have been participating in an email thread with some ebXML folk on the
subject of usage cases and particularly reliable messaging.  Chris Ferris
has been one of the cc's but, to my knowledge, no one else on the WS-Arch
team.  If you like I can forward some of it.  I think, however, that the
following from bhaugen [linkage@interaccess.com] is worth copying onto this
list.  It starts with an extract from one of my  emails, then asks questions
about the scope/function of the WS-Arch WG and offers some specific possible


From: RogerCutler

> we should bear in mind that the objectives are different.  I am not 
> trying to get into business requirements per se, but only as they
drive the
> technical infrastructure requirements.  This is a rather delicate
> and I'm not sure I know exactly how to do it, but some things are
> business process and outside the scope of this working group.

Roger and Christopher (and anybody else who knows),

I'm trying to figure the W3C WS-Architecture scope out myself.

I've seen messages on their list that say pretty much what you wrote above,
but when I look at the Usage Scenarios document, I see at least two
scenarios that smell a lot like business processes to me:

S040 Conversational message exchange
S080 Transaction

The Transaction one is really ill-defined, but that is par for the course
when people discuss the appropriate transaction model for Web interactions.

But those two were the ones that led me to start trying to
get ebXML some more mindshare in W3C.

Can anybody clarify a little more?  What kinds of usage scenario documents
would be useful to W3C? The UMM transaction and interaction patterns? The
UMM catalog ordering and service scheduling examples? The ebXML v 1.0
contract formation & negotiation patterns? The ebXML v 1.0 dotcom dropship
scenario? The eBTWG BCP+MC simple business collaboration example? The
aerospace business process example?  (Is that publicly available?) Any of
the various AIAG business processes, including the new "Critical Response"
one that Mary Kay Blantz just described?

-Bob Haugen
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