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RE: D-AR006.11: Communication with the underlying infrastructure

From: Joseph Hui <jhui@digisle.net>
Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 17:50:04 -0700
Message-ID: <C153D39717E5F444B81E7B85018A460B06685955@ex-sj-5.digisle.com>
To: "Hugo Haas" <hugo@w3.org>, <www-ws-arch@w3.org>
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> From: Hugo Haas [mailto:hugo@w3.org]
> Sent: Thursday, May 02, 2002 12:23 PM
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> Subject: D-AR006.11: Communication with the underlying infrastructure
> D-AR006.11 reads:
>           + D-AR006.11 The architecture must provide an 
> interface for Web
>             Services to directly communicate with their underlying
>             infrastructure.
>             The interface is for negotiating services that an
>             infrastructure may provide to, or perform on behalf of, a
>             requesting Web Services. Such value-added services may
>             include: security, content delivery, QoS, etc. 
> For instance,
>             a Web service may instruct (via the interface) 
> the security
>             agents of its infrastructure to defend against DOS/DDOS
>             attacks on its behalf.
> This seems implementation-dependent, i.e. out of scope for us.

Not necessarily.
What's imp-dependent can be made imp-independent.
That's what standards are all about.
But don't matter, imp-dep and in/out-of-scope are apple and orange anyway.

To the WG, the issue is whether it should be in or out of scope.


Joe Hui
Exodus, a Cable & Wireless service
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