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RE: D-AG0005 - Simplicity Requirement

From: Champion, Mike <Mike.Champion@SoftwareAG-USA.com>
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 00:36:51 -0500
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> Subject: D-AG0005 - Simplicity Requirement

Ooops, I guess we're supposed to break this down into critical success
factors and measurements.  How about:

005.1 - The reference architecture should be easily understandable by the
target audience.

* does it not contain specialized jargon not familiar to ordinary software
* is it stated in simple declarative sentences?
* is it organized in a way that allows important points to be located?
* does it use illustrations to visually describe key components and

005.2 - The reference architecture should be as minimal as possible

* How many components does it describe?
* How many relationships among the components does it describe?
* How do these figures compare to those of notable exemplars of good
reference architectures?
* Could any components or relationships be removed without significantly
limiting the value of the architecture?

005.3  -  The reference architecture should simplify the task of a
programmer implementing specifications of components described by the

* is the role played by each component in the overall architecture stated
* are the interdependencies among components noted explicitly?
* are existing specs that fufill the role of a given component referenced?

005.4 - The reference architecture should simplify the task of an programmer
building web services or applications that employ web services.

[inspiration fails me at this point]
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