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RE: Web Services Definition and XML

From: Sandeep Kumar <sandkuma@cisco.com>
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 08:13:36 -0800
To: "Heather Kreger" <kreger@us.ibm.com>, <www-ws-arch@w3.org>, "Krishna Sankar" <ksankar@cisco.com>
Hi Guys,

Can we agree that this WS Defintion *could* be revised after we have made
progress on other fronts? If so, let us move with this WS defintion, and
revisit it later.

However, if we cannot make changes, given that the defintion would be
visible to
people outside this committee, and they may make progress, then we should
*violently* :)
argue and nail it down for good.


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To: www-ws-arch@w3.org; Krishna Sankar
Subject: RE: Web Services Definition and XML

I agree with Krishna on this. Lets define Web Services broadly here. We
don't need the word XML all through it.  If we want to
qualify "standards based description" to  "standards based XML description"
I can live with that.

I think that the architecture we define will have XML all over it as we
identify technologies to fill the various roles and aspects we define.
I don't want to say right now that if the bits on the wire aren't XML or
weren't derived from XML you don't get to be a web service.  What and
how things go on the wire is part of the architecture... not the

IMO, I think if we restrict it to XML on the wire we throw out LOTS of very
interesting real world, business use cases... creating divergence as
vendors go elsewhere for technology and architecture. We would be throwing
out our 'existing art' as well with SOAP attachments and MIME. Those
aren't XML.  We would be drastically restricting the applicability of Web
services to the enterprise integration problem if we restrict the wire to
XML. WSDL does not restrict the wire to XML. The industry is looking for
guidance on Web Services Architecture, lets not dismiss a bunch of them
right off the bat.

Small suggestion for progress...after we get through the defining the
requirements on Chris' schedule, we will get to define the architecture...
I think this is when we should nail this down.


"Krishna Sankar" <ksankar@cisco.com>@w3.org on 03/04/2002 10:50:41 PM

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 | The charter seems extremely clear that web services must be based upon
 I reread the charter. To me the charter does not imply either that our
*definition* of web services must be based on XML not XML as the *sole*
implementation of web services.

 It only says that the set of technologies *identified* by this WG should
based on XML. It also says that the WG does not have to design the
technologies. As an extreme case, another WG or a later version can
a very different stack of technologies, based on our definitions.

 In this sense, define as broadly as required and identify a set of XML
technologies to implement that definition, is our marching order. So if we
define web services as "using standard interfaces and using internet
protocols" we are covered. We need to identify WSDL and SOAP as the
description and message technologies.

 BTW, the frequency of the word XML is irrelevant here.


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 | Subject: Web Services Definition and XML
 | I wanted to discuss a specific aspect of Web Services definition on a
 | separate thread, particularly the use of XML.
 | If one takes a look at the charter of the Web Services Architecture
 | [1], the word XML is the 4th word in the text.  The first 7 sentences
 | mention XML 7 times.  I'm counting as one the XML, XML
 | Namespaces, and XML
 | Schema fragment.
 | Further, the 2nd goal is "The set of technologies identified
 | must be based
 | on XML. ".
 | The 6th bulleted goal is "The framework proposed must support the kind
 | extensibility actually seen on the Web: disparity of document formats
 | protocols used to communicate, mixing of XML vocabularies using XML
 | namespaces, development of solutions in a distributed
 | environment without a
 | central authority, etc. "...
 | The charter seems extremely clear that web services must be
 | based upon XML.
 | Now I'm a person that leans towards sometimes re-interpreting
 | charters, but
 | I draw the line in the sand on this one.  I believe that the Web
 | definition MUST make explicit reference to XML.  Perhaps the
 | actual bits on
 | the wire don't have to be XML - like using SSL or GZIP - but the
 | basis for
 | the inputs and outputs of the service sure have to be XML or a well
 | understood transformation.  I also include a packaging of XML
 | into something
 | like MIME or DIME as being XML based.
 | Like I argued for URIs, I will also argue for XML in our
 | definition.  This
 | is a show-stopper.
 | Cheers,
 | Dave
 | [1] http://www.w3.org/2002/01/ws-arch-charter
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