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Re: REST, Conversations and Reliability

From: Paul Prescod <paulp@ActiveState.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 09:41:56 -0700
Message-ID: <3D3C35D4.937FDC72@ActiveState.com>
To: David Orchard <dorchard@bea.com>, www-ws-arch@w3.org

David Orchard wrote:
> Paul,
> Rest (:-) assured, I haven't forgotten to respond to your note.  In what
> little time I've had available since thursday morning, I worked on the
> ws-arch document.  That is a higher priority for the working group at this
> time.

I understand! No problem.

> I have a rather detailed rebuttal that I've only made some progress on -
> it's basically that the conversation ID isn't *really* an ID, it's actually
> a data structure used by dispatchers to keep the dispatcher stateless.

Okay, you'll still have to convince me that that's an argument against
making it a resource...but maybe you will.

> I'm also strongly against using GET to retrieve a WSDL file for a web
> service.  If only the spec that specifies that was done within the W3C, I
> would bring it up to the TAG.

Perhaps someone should publish an alternative mechanism as a NOTE. For
instance if there were a standard SOAP header then the GET on an
endpoint could return anything relevant but it would have a header to
the WSDL.
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