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RE: [hst] harvest list (repost from Mon 07/08/2002 09:59 PM)

From: <michael.mahan@nokia.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 12:03:00 -0400
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[this is a repost to the public list of a message sent earlier
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I agree that XML-RPC may have been subsumed by SOAP, from a harvesting 
perspective. Unless there is objection, I elect to drop it. 

Also, I think there is merit in including Jini/JavaSpaces? Any others?

Without objection, I can take Jini/JavaSpaces. I will also take ebXML or UDDI 
if there is a need. 


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>Subject: Re: [hst] harvest list
>Sounds good.  I'll volunteer to do REST.  I could also do OMA/CORBA if
>there's a need.  BTW, I'm wondering now if XML-RPC should even be on
>that list, as it seems to be "architecturally dwarfed" by SOAP - sorry,
>should have mentioned this earlier.
>On Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 05:20:12PM -0400, 
>michael.mahan@nokia.com wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> It seems like there is a concensus to harvest both types of 
>architectural entities - 
>> both components/connectors and relevant arch features of the 
>system (processing model,
>> MEPs, etc.)
>> Moving on, the current list to harvest:
>> 2. WSD
>> 3. OMG/Corba
>> 4. REST
>> 5. Meerkat
>> 6. XML-RPC
>> 7. UDDI
>> 8. ebXML
>> Any others?
>> Mark Jones mentioned that he is going through the SOAP spec. 
>In the democratic 
>> spirit of divide and conquer, are there volunteers for the 
>other systems/specs?
>> Mike
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