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[hst] harvesting subteam

From: <michael.mahan@nokia.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 11:33:45 -0400
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[this is a repost to the public list of a message sent earlier
to the member list]   Tue 07/02/2002 11:03 PM

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Hi All,

We enlisted or volunteered for the below team and need to kick
off the effort. From Chris:

Harvesting subteam (new)
- outline, etc (clam digging in WSD, XMLP, elsewhere identify
  conceptual model aspects like the SOAP process model and WSD
- need closue in 3 weeks

I propose to start the effort through email. Here's how I see the

1) List sources or web service arch. artifacts of web architecture models 
   that have direct relevance to WSA (large-scale, distributed systems).
   Everyone pitch in here with suggestions.
  a. XMLP
  b. WSD
  c. OMG
  d. REST
  e. ....
  f. your input here

2) Divide/conquer. Distribute each source to a volunteer. 
   For each source:
    a. summary of WS architectural entities found
    b. describe the notation, modeling method used: MEPS, block and line 
       diagram, etc. (We may need to ignore use cases?)

3) Consolidate the findings in some fashion
4) Analyze the finding and make recomendations on:
  a. Architecture modelling method/notation to use
  b. Most compelling/defined architecture elements

Please send me your comments on this approach. 

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