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RE: Strawman list of goals for WSAWG

From: Yin Leng Husband <Yin-Leng.Husband@compaq.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 08:01:24 +1000
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To: "Sadiq, Waqar" <waqar.sadiq@eds.com>, www-ws-arch@w3.org

In addition, I think the wording of AG001 should be raised to a higher
level to omit mentioning "software products from different implementors"
as including these will bring up issues on which implementors, which
products, what configurations of products, etc.; something along the lines

ensures/enables well-defined web services standards to work together


Yin Leng 

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Subject: RE: Strawman list of goals for WSAWG

As to the first goal, I think Anne mentioned that the WSAWG will identify
functional gaps and hence identify new standards.  I think that is an
extremely important goal and is also part of the chapter.  I also think that
this particular goal is not adequately covered by AG001.  AG001 addresses
interoperability which does not necessarily apply to missing functionality.
We should add another goal to identify missing functionality in the web
services architecture as part of this architecture.
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Subject: Strawman list of goals for WSAWG


     By way of clarifying the existing issues list, I've tried below to
create a list of overall goals and number them. Basically this is the same
list as I wrote earlier, but I've tried to be more concise with the language
and break compound statements down into individual parts. (There are couple
of additions.) As before, this list is my own proposal and is subject to
revision according to the sense of the group.

Proposed Goals for the Web Services Architecture Working Group

To develop a standard reference architecture for web services that:

AG001 ensures the interoperability of web services software products from
different implementors based on well-defined standards

AG002 provides modularity of web services components, allowing for a level
of granularity sufficient to meet business goals

AG003 is sufficiently extensible to allow for future evolution of technology
and of business goals

AG004 ensures platform independence of web services components in a way that
does not preclude any programming model nor assume any particular mode of
communication between the individual components

AG005 provides simplicity and ease-of-use that does not impose high barriers
to entry for users of web services

AG006 addresses the security of web services across distributed domains and

AG007 is reliable, and stable, and whose evolution is predictable over time

AG008 is coherent and consistent in its definition 

AG009 is aligned with the semantic web initiative at W3C and the overall
existing web architecture

AG010 uses XML technologies in the development of the web services
architecture to the extent that this is compatible with the overall goals of
the group

AG011 is consistent with the existing web and its heterogenous environment
and distributed architecture to the greatest extent possible.

In addition, the Working Group will also act to:

AG012 evangelize and promote the benefits of web services to potential
users, both consumers and producers

AG013 co-ordinate the development of web services within W3C, together with
other W3C Working Groups where there is overlap among their problem domains

AG014 serve as liaison with groups outside W3C who are working on web
services in order to achive interoperability and reduce duplication of

Comments, corrections, feedback, and flames to the mailing list please! :)



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