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RE: Hypermedia workflow

From: bhaugen <linkage@interaccess.com>
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 06:19:23 -0600
To: www-ws-arch@w3.org
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Assaf Arkin wrote:
> Some scenarios are defined by consortia and them get adopted by
> For example RoessetaNet or supply chain management. In this case you
have a
> multi-party definition and each partner respects their role and don't
try to
> break it by having a more specific interaction that is different form
> every other partner (actual or possible) would expect.

RosettaNet is an interesting case:
the configurations are defined by the consortia,
but all the interactions and coordination
are strictly two-parties-at-a-time.

So far the same is true for all the supply chain
cofigurations I have worked on or seen.  For example,
Tony Fletcher and I designed some drop-ship
configurations that broke a 4-party scenario
into sets of 2-party interactions with all the
coordination being the internal responsibility
of the distributor.  Then we found that
Amazon uses almost exactly one of
our hypothetical configurarions.
(Except theirs is a little better...)
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