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RE: "Reliable" web services for Next Big Thing? (was RE: Agenda for 5 December WSA telcon)

From: Champion, Mike <Mike.Champion@SoftwareAG-USA.com>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 12:58:08 -0500
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> Subject: RE: "Reliable" web services for Next Big Thing? (was 
> RE: Agenda
> for 5 December WSA telcon)

> I think that a simple acknowledgement protocol in soap 
> headers would be very
> useful and hit an 80/20 point.  We've consistently heard from 
> customers and
> partners that reliable messaging is very important to them.  

Hmm, as fodder for a new working group (after all, one main
reason for the WSA WG's existence is to propose new WGs) 
that seems like quite a do-able idea.

While I don't want to lose track of the larger architectural
issues and alternatives that don't presume reliable messaging,
I have absolutely no objection to giving a high priority to
a) the definition of  what "reliable messaging" would mean 
in the WSA context; and 
b) proposing a WG that would develop a standard set of SOAP
headers to implement simple protocol(s) for this stuff.

XMLP recently talked about the fact that there is much 
overhead associated with starting a new working group and 
getting it to operate productively; I wonder whether that is
something that we could propose that XMLP take on once the SOAP 1.2
spec is finalized?
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