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RE: Orchestration (was: W3C Web Service Description WG: Requireme nts)

From: Sadiq, Waqar <waqar.sadiq@eds.com>
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 08:44:50 -0500
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To: Krishna Sankar <ksankar@cisco.com>, "'Web Services Private'" <w3c-ws-desc@w3.org>, www-ws-arch@w3.org

I agree that we should consider the requirements placed by the orchestration
layer upon the description and discovery layers.  I understood the thread to
imply that the description of a web service and orchestrations of web
services belong to the same layer - which I don't agree with.


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 | reason to consider it.  But I don't think you said that?  I  would
not want
 | to short change the architecture group of what it is supposed to do. 
	Don't worry about that. The Architecture team has enough work
even now and am sure will "define" more work as needed :o)
	Seriously, the orchestration need to be considered at the
architecture level and at the WSDL level. We have definite needs for
orchestration related stuff at the WSDL level. It is not the question of
whether orchestration is at the WSDL level, but what the orchestration
layer requires from the description and discovery layer. As I had
mentioned earlier, metadata and context (or pointers to discover the
context) are two important ones.

	If we miss this, we miss the interrealtionships between web
services at the execution time.
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