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ICSOC05 Accepted Paper List and Call for Participation

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Dear Colleague(s)

The Third International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC05)
December 12-15, 2005
Amsterdam, The Neterlands

You are cordially invited to attend The Third International Conference on
Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC05) to be held in Amsterdam, The
Netherlands, December 12-15, 2005.

The ICSOC05 features high quality technical papers including 47 research
papers, 12 system demonstration papers, and 3 vision papers (titles and
authors are listed below).  In addition to technical papers, ICSOC05 also

i)      3 keynote talks

       Dr. Uday Kumaraswami, VP of Consulting and Integration's Enterprise
       Application Services Practice, HP

       Prof. Carlo Ghezzi, Politecnico di Milano (Software Engineering)

       Third talk -TBA

ii)     2 half-day tutorials

       Opportunities for Service Oriented Architecture in Telecom Industry
       By Nilanjan Banerjee, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Amit Anil Nanavati

       WS-Agreement Concepts, Use and Implementation
       By Heiko Ludwig, Toshiyuki Nakata

iii)    2 panels

       TBA, and

iv)     A number of workshops and a PhD Symposium

       Details are available at http://www.icsoc.org.

Looking forward to meeting you in Amsterdam.

Best Regards

Boualem Benatallah
Fabio Casati
Paolo Traverso
ICSOC'05 program co-chairs

List of accepted papers:

Long research papers:

13      Semantic Caching for Web Services
       By Stefan Seltzsam, Roland Holzhause, and Alfons Kemper

14      PerfSONAR: A Service-Oriented Architecture for Multi-Domain
Network Monitoring
       By Andreas Hanemann, Jeff W. Boote, Eric L. Boyd, Jrme Durand,
Loukik Kudarimoti, Roman ?apacz, D. Martin Swany, Szymon Trocha, and Jason

18      Using Test Cases as Contract to Ensure Service Compliance across
       By Marcello Bruno, Gerardo Canfora, Massimiliano Di Penta,
Gianpiero Esposito, and Valentina Mazza

19      Template-Based Automated Service Provisioning
        By Heiko Ludwig, Henner Gimpel, Asit Dan and Bob Kearney

22      Specification and Management of Policies in Service Oriented
Business Collaboration
        By Bart Orriens, Jian Yang, and Mike Papazoglou

35      A HighLevel Functional Matching For Semantic Web Services
        By Islam Elgedawy, Zahir Tari James and A. Thom

39      Choreography and Orchestration: a synergic approach for system
        By Nadia Busi, Roberto Gorrieri, Claudio Guidi, Roberto Lucchi,
and Gianluigi Zavattaro

40      Speaking a Common Language: A Conceptual Model for Describing
Service-Oriented Systems
        By Massimiliano Colombo, Elisabetta Di Nitto, Massimiliano Di
Penta, Damiano Distante, and Maurilio Zuccal

47      ODESGS Framework, Knowledge-based annotation and design of Grid
        By Carole Goble, Asuncin Gmez-Prez, Rafael Gonzlez-Cabero, Mara

54      Trust-Based Secure Workflow Path Construction
        By M. Altunay, D. Brown, G. Byrd, R. Dean

214     Service-Oriented Design: The Roots
        By Tiziana Margaria and Bernhard Steffen and Manfred Reitenspie

61      A Service Oriented Architecture for Deploying and Managing Network
        By Victor A. S. M. de Souza and Eleri Cardozo

68      Handling Faults in Decentralized Orchestration of Composite Web
        By Girish Chafle, Sunil Chandra, Pankaj Kankar, Vijay Mann

70      Pattern-based Specification and Validation of Web Service
Interaction Properties
        By Zheng Li, Jun Han, Yan Jin

75      DySOA: making Service Systems Self-Adaptive
        By Johanneke Siljee, Ivor Bosloper, Jos Nijhuis, Dieter Hammer

84      An Approach To Temporal-Aware Procurement of Web Services
        By Octavio Martinn-Daz, Antonio Ruiz-Corts, Amador Durn

90      Approaching Web service coordination and composition by means of
Petri nets
        By P. lvarez, J.A. Baares, J. Ezpeleta

107     What's in an Agreement? An analysis and Extension of WS-Agreement
        By Marco Aiello, Ganna Frankova and Daniela Malfatti

111     Reputation-based Service Level Agreements for Web Services
        By Radu Jurca and Boi Faltings

125     Modeling and Analyzing Context-aware Composition of Services
        By Enzo Colombo, John Mylopoulos, and Paola Spoletini

129     Towards Semi-automated Workflow-based Aggregation of Web Services
        By Antonio Brogi and Razvan Popescu

131     Proactive Management of Service Instance Pools for meeting Service
Level Objectives
        By Kavitha Ranganathan and Asit Dan

146     Service Selection Algorithms for Composing Complex Services with
Multiple QoS Constraints
        By Tao Yu and Kwei-Jay Lin

147     Requirements and Approaches for a SOA programming model
        By Francisco Curbera, Donald Ferguson, Martin Nally, Marcia L.

149     Towards a Classification of Web Service Feature Interactions
        By Michael Weiss, Babak Esfandiari, and Yun Luo

163     SOA in the Real World - Experiences
        By Nitin More, Srinivas Narayanan, Subbu N. Subramanian, and
the Tavant Team

168     Implicit Service Call in ActiveXml through OWL-S
        By Salima Benbernou, Mohand-Said Hacid and Xiajun He

173     Adaptive Component Management Service in ScudWare Middleware for
Smart Vehicle Space
        By Qing Wu and Zhaohui Wu

177     Towards dynamic monitoring of WS-BPEL Processes
        By Luciano Baresi and Sam Guinea

189     SPiDeR: P2P-based Web Service Discovery
        By Ozgur D. Sahin, Cagdas E. Gerede, Divyakant Agrawal,Amr El
Abbadi, Oscar Ibarra, and Jianwen Su

198     On Service Discovery Process Types
        By Peer Hasselmeyer

215     Semantic Tuplespace
        By Liangzhao Zeng and Hui Lei

Short research papers:

12      Semantic Web Services for Activity-Based Computing
       By E. Michael Maximilien, Alex Cozzi and Thomas P. Moran

30      Composition of services with nondeterministic observable behavior
       By Daniela Berardi, Diego Calvanese, Giuseppe De Giacomo, and
Massimo Mecella

34      Semantic Management of Web Services
        By Daniel Oberle, Steffen Lamparter, Andreas Eberhart, and
Steffen Staab

43      Specifying Web Service Compositions on the Basis of Natural
Language Requests
        By Alessio Bosca, Giuseppe Valetto, Roberta Maglione, and

44      Verifying Security Intent Using UML Model Execution
        By Yuichi Nakamura,  Koichi Ono  and Fumiko Sato

46      A MDE Approach for Power Distribution Service Development
        By Cristina Marin, Philippe Lalanda and Didier Donsez

63      Dynamic Policy Management on Business Performance Management
        By Teruo Koyanagi, Mari Abe1, Gaku Yamamoto  and Jun Jang Jeng

64      The Price of Services
        By Justin OSullivan, David Edmond, and Arthur H.M. ter Hofstede

65      An Architecture for Unifying Web Service Authentication and
        By Robert Steele and Will Tao

69      GPSL: A Programming Language for Service Implementation
        By Dominic Cooney, Marlon Dumas, and Paul Roe

71      An Approach to Parameterizing Web Service Flows
        By Dimka Karastoyanova , Frank Leymann , Alejandro Buchmann

140     Managing End-to-End Lifecycle of Global Service Policy
        By Daniela Rosu and Asit Dan

174     Applying a Web Engineering Method to Design Web Services
        By Marta Ruiz, Pedro Valderas, Vicente Pelechano

179     Efficient and transparent web-services selection
        By Nicolas  Gibelin and Mesaac  Makpangou

217     Towards a Mathematical Foundation for Service Oriented
Applications Design
        By Aliaksei Yanchuk, Alexander Ivanyukovich and Maurizio Marchese

Demonstration papers:

1       Dynamic Monitoring of WS-BPEL Processes
       By Luciano Baresi and Sam Guinea

2       Web Services based interorganisational architectural framework for
B2B marketplaces
       By Jai Ganesh, Akash Saurav Das, Abhishek Malay Chatterjee, Ambar
       Mohit Chawla, Akhil Marwah

3       Executable Choreography Framework
       By Thomas Cottenier, Tzilla Elrad

4       Demonstrating FLAVOUR: Friendly Location-aware conference
Assistant with priVacy Observant architectURe
       By Kavitha Muthukrishnan,Nirvana Meratnia,Georgi Koprinkov,Maria
Lijding and Paul Havingai

5       A Service Architecture for Intellectual Work on Mobile Devices
       By Nadya Belov and Ilya Braude and Werner Krandick

6       WofBPEL: A Tool for Automated Analysis of BPEL Processes
       By Chun Ouyang, Wil M.P. van der Aalst, Stephan Breutel, Marlon
Dumas, Arthur H.M. ter Hofstede, and Eric Verbeek

7       OpenWS-Transaction: Enabling Reliable Web Service Transactions
       By Ivan Vasquez, John Miller, Kunal Verma, Amit Sheth

8       Achieving Flexibility in Securities Processing & Settlement using
Service Oriented Architecture
       By Sriram Anand & Naveen Kulkarni

9       ConWeScprototype - Context-based Semantic Web Services Composition
       By S. Sattanathan, N. C. Narendra, and Z. Maamar

10      ASTRO: Supporting Composition and Execution of Web Services
       By M.Trainotti, M.Pistore, G.Calabrese, G.Zacco, G.Lucchese,
P.Traverso, F.Barbon, P.Bertoli

11      Demonstrating Dynamic Configuration and Execution of Web processes
       By Karthik Gomadam, Kunal Verma, Amit P. Sheth, John A. Millers

12      The Gardens Point Service Language: Overview and Implementation
       By Dominic Cooney, Marlon Dumas, and Paul Roee

Vision papers:

1       Autonomic web Processes
       By Amit Sheth

2       The (Service) Bus: Services Penetrate Everyday Life
       By Frank Leymann

3       Service Oriented Architectures for Science gateways on Grid
       By Dennis Gannn and et. al.
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