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status of OWL related work at OMG

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Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 11:08:10 -0400 (EDT)
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Update on ontology technology activity at the Object Management Group (OMG)

The OMG has received four initial responses to its RFP for an Ontology
Definition Metamodel[1]. As a reminder, this is the RFP issued to
essentially develop a UML profile (a UML lexicon) at OMG for defining
ontologies along with a direct mapping to OWL.  Thus it will provide a
normative UML presentation syntax for OWL.

The four submissions will be presented in the Analysis and Design
Platform Task Force meeting in Boston on Tuesday, 9 September (agenda
at [2]).  Revised Submissions (something akin to Last Call Working
Drafts in the W3C process) are due 27 October.  The submitters are
listed below, along with URLs for non-member access to their Initial
Submission documents:

 DSTC				http://www.omg.org/cgi-bin/doc?ad/03-08-01
 Sandpiper Software, Inc	http://www.omg.org/cgi-bin/doc?ad/03-08-06
 IBM				http://www.omg.org/cgi-bin/doc?ad/03-07-02 
		     (MDL file) http://www.omg.org/cgi-bin/doc?ad/03-07-03
 Gentleware AG			http://www.omg.org/cgi-bin/doc?ad/03-08-09

The Ontology PSIG will also meet Tuesday[3], after these presentations
to discuss the submissions, the rfp schedule, and potential extensions to
the metamodel.


Evan K. Wallace - CoChair OMG Ontology PSIG
Manufacturing Systems Integration Division

[1] Ontology Definition Metamodel Request for Proposal
    Document -- ad/03-03-40

[2] Analysis and Design PTF Agenda for Boston meeting

[3] Ontolgy PSIG agenda for Boston meeting
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