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Re: Minor comments about the Overview document

From: Frank van Harmelen <Frank.van.Harmelen@cs.vu.nl>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 00:10:35 +0200
To: "Lassila Ora (NRC/Boston)" <ora.lassila@nokia.com>, www-webont-wg@w3.org
Message-ID: <8202364.1055981434@[]>

Although not formally LC comments,
the following points (made by Ora a long time ago) are still pertinent.

I propose the following actions
(reflected in the editor's draft)

Lassila Ora (NRC/Boston) wrote:

> 1) (forgive me if I have missed discussion on this before) Abstract, 1st
> paragraph says "OWL facilitates greater machine readability of Web content
> than..."; all web content is machine readable (at least it is difficult for
> me to imagine *web* content that isn't :-). Some other word than
> "readability" should be used, perhaps "interpretability", "processability"
> [sp?], and/or maybe structure the sentence in some other way. First
> paragraph of the Introduction also talks about "machine readable" content.

I suggest "interpretability".

> 2) Section 1.1, the first occurrence of "OWL" in the list is spelled "Owl".


> 3) I do not understand what follows the first sentence of the second
> paragraph of section 3.

Typo. Fixed.

> 4) Section 3.1, the description of Class has the name of the property
> subClassOf capitalized, and the name only links to the overview document
> itself (not to any appropriate subsection). Same applies to allValuesFrom
> under the description of rdfs:range.


> 5) The intention of the sentence "Note that properties that are to be made
> symmetric may not have arbitrary domains and ranges" in section 3.3 is not
> clear (although this is better than what was there before). Perhaps it is
> just too vague.

I suggest to remove this phrase.

> 6) The sentence "OWL Lite has contains an intersection constructor but
> limits its usage" in section 3.6 does not parse.

typo. fixed.

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