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Re: ISSUE: XMLLiteral and xml:lang

From: Jim Hendler <hendler@cs.umd.edu>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 22:27:41 -0500
Message-Id: <p05200f3fba5e4a81c955@[]>
To: Jeremy Carroll <jjc@hpl.hp.com>, www-webont-wg@w3.org

At 16:00 +0100 1/27/03, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>(with some reluctance, I am raising the issues we have begun discussing)
>TITLE: rdf:XMLLiteral, xml:lang in OWL Lite
>AS&S does not permit these features in OWL Lite.
>These features are critical for I18N; and needed for
>addressing multilingual labels as seen in requirement
>[R16/R18 User-displayable labels].
>and for including marked up text, such as needed for
>accessability, ruby annotation, or bidirectional text.
>There omission also needlessly hampers interoperability
>between OWL Lite, OWL DL and RDF.
>RAISED BY:Carroll

Jeremy -
   Let me see if I understand - this one, like the annotations 
question is with respect to whether these features of our language, 
which are in OWL Full (by the RDF inclusion principle :->) should 
also be in Owl Lite and Owl DL.
   Is there any implication to our model, complexity, etc. which is 
affected by this?  That is, if we were to add these in Lite, can you 
give some examples of what we could or couldn't do that would effect 
p.s. if you need me to rephrase - can you generate a test case or example?

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