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ADMIN: Agenda/logistics for Jan 2 telecon

From: Jim Hendler <hendler@cs.umd.edu>
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2003 11:59:41 -0500
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To: webont <www-webont-wg@w3.org>
Today's WebOnt Haiku

Web Ont Membership:
A wish as we move forward,
Have A Great New Year

Today's 2002 Webont Statistic:
   WOWG generated 3,959 email messages in calendar year 2002 (US East 
Coast cutoff times).  The largest number in a single month was 521, 
generated in September. 2002.
Web Ontology Working Group Telecon
January 2, 2003

1200 US East Coast
0900 US West Coast
1700 London
0200 Tokyo (next day)

Duration: 90 minutes

To use Zakim:
Dial +1.617.761.6200
At the "enter your passcode followed by the pound key" message,
enter 9326#.

Simultaneous IRC Chat
irc:irc.w3.org (port 6665)

Chair: Jim Hendler and/or Guus Schreiber
Scribe: Volunteer needed

1) ADMIN (15 min)

1.1 Role Call

Regrets recorded in WOWG archive
At risk: Dan C.

1.2 Approval of Minutes of Dec 19 call

PROPOSED to accept the following as a true record of the Dec 19

1.3 Agenda Amendments

1.4   Telecon Schedule

No telecon Jan 9 (we will be at face to face in Manchester)

Next telecon: January 16
Scribe:   TBD

1.5 Manchester face to face update

Registration page:
Local arrangements page:

2.0 Action review

ACTION (cont): Jonathon Borden to update media types document and 
pass to M Dean
for use in editing Reference Document.

ACTION (cont): Dan C take media type registration request to IETF.

ACTION  MikeD to produce examples as to why RDF datatype proposal is 
problematical for OWL. To be done by Jan 9th F2f.

ACTION on PeterPS to bring XML presentation syntax up to date and 
forward to MikeD as non-normative appendix

ACTION (lost previously): Guus with help from Evan and Masahiro to 
prepare UML presentation syntax for OWL (Lite?)

(Other actions will be discussed under documents - agenda item 3)

2.0 Issue clean up (Unique names Assumption) - 10 min

On Dec 19 the WG accepted Dan C's proposal to postpone the 
UniqueNames issue but accept a language feature called oneOfDistinct.
However, Peter P-S noted an issue with its semantics, and asked that 
we instead reconsider an earlier proposal to use an  "allDifferent" 
(or AllDistinct) construct:
In the thread that followed Dan C expressed an ability to live with 
this, and several WG members supported it.
   Chair will therefore reopen and allow discussion of this issue to 
determine whether to replace Dan's solution with the earlier one (and 
what to call the construct)

3.0 Document Status

REMINDER - reviews of documents due to WG archive Jan 2.
(Thanks for the many already sent - see archives)

REMINDER - Final pre-f2f versions of all documents were originally 
due Dec 26, extended to Jan 2 due to holidays
(Thanks for those already done - see archives)

For each document editors will discuss current status and what main 
changes were made since last telecon. 

3.1 Requirements (Jeff H)

ACTION on Jeff to update requirements doc to make Unique Names an
objective rather than a requirement.

ACTION on JeffH: check postponed issues don't affect requirements doc
and that all requirements now met

3.2 Features (Deb McG/Frank vanH)

ACTION (cont): DebMcG/Change feature doc in accordance with 5.19 resolution
(using MikeD's text)

ACTION (cont): DebMcG/Change features for three sublanguages

3.3 Reference (Mike D)

ACTION on MikeD to write detailed proposal on Mime Type issue for Jan 2.

3.4 Semantics (Peter P-S)

3.5 Guide (Mike S.)

4.0 Update by Jeremy on Status of TEST and plans for f2f

5.0 Issue clean up (5.13 Mime type)

Per discussion on Dec 19, Mike D. suggested we add new subClasses of 
owl:ontology for the three langauge types - this did not recieve 
support in the form offered, but was left unresolved.  Mike has made 
a new proposal in:
but it has not received support on the mailing list.
   The chair therefore proposes we consider issue 5.13 closed, and we 
don't add a new language feature for explicitly distinguishing the 
subsets in our namespace document or in the MIME type,  The chair 
notes that the WG has previously discussed having an on-line FAQ 
where suggestions can be made for things like this, and hopes 
creating one will be a post-Last Call action taken by this WG)

6.0 WG Schedule

Peter P-S has requested an agenda item to discuss WG schedule:

7.0 AOB / adjourn

Professor James Hendler				  hendler@cs.umd.edu
Director, Semantic Web and Agent Technologies	  301-405-2696
Maryland Information and Network Dynamics Lab.	  301-405-6707 (Fax)
Univ of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742	  240-731-3822 (Cell)
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