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Various open positions at DERI - Innsbruck

From: Ying Ding <ying.ding@uibk.ac.at>
Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2003 13:32:31 +0100
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The Next Web Generation Group at the University of Innsbruck is
looking for additional scientists at various level of matureness.
Research topics are the semantic web, web services, their
combination, and challenging applications in areas such as
Enterprise Application Integration and eCommerce. Ideal candidates
should have

	- a strong background in computer science	
	- willingness to combine formal rigidness with the desire
	to contribute to the solution of actual problems in the research area
	- a serious interest in applying research results in real-world settings
	- willingness to work in a highly international team
	- joining large-scale research cooperations with all their
	pros and cons.

The group has a strong cooperation link with the DERI institute
in Ireland and its mission is to jointly generate a leading research
institute in one of the most challenging areas of computer science

Background information can be found at


We offering positions at (nearly) all levels of development, i.e.,

	- PhD student
	- PostDoc
	- temporary Professorships

Innsbruck is a beautiful place to stay. It combines the warm Italian
climate during the summer time with snowy winters in the mountains of the Alps.
Anyway, you would be expected to come here because you love to work hard.

Please send your appealing application to

	dieter.fensel@uibk.ac.at or dieter.fensel@deri.ie

We are looking forward for your application.

Dieter Fensel, http://deri.semanticweb.org/
Scientific director of DERI, located at the Universities of
	Galway (Ireland, www.deri.ie)
	and Innsbruck (Austria, www.deri.at).
Tel.: +43-512-5076485/8
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