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tracking comments got a tiny bit easier

From: Dan Connolly <connolly@w3.org>
Date: 24 Apr 2003 13:00:42 -0500
To: www-webont-wg@w3.org
Message-Id: <1051207241.28479.1946.camel@dirk.dm93.org>

Our "poorman's issue tracker" just grew a feature: as well as
picking those that haven't been closed from those that have,
as before, it also tells you which have had no reply at all:

Open issues
Here are the list of open issues, listed in order of the date the issue
was opened.

      * Some comments on OWL S&AS (Sat, Apr 05 2003)
      * Some comments on OWL Reference (Sat, Apr 05 2003)
      * search feature (Wed, Apr 09 2003) [no reply received]
      * S&AS comments (Fri, Apr 11 2003)
      * Remarks on OWL Guide and question about AS&S (Fri, Apr 11 2003)
      * Case for Reinstatement of Qualified Cardinality Restrictions
        (Wed, Apr 16 2003)
      * OWL WD comments (Sat, Apr 19 2003) [no reply received]
      * Language Overview Document editorial comments (Mon, Apr 21 2003)
      * Language Guide Comments (Mon, Apr 21 2003) [no reply received]
      * OWL Language Reference Comments (Mon, Apr 21 2003)


The "search feature" comment isn't really relevant; I'll close
that presently...

otherwise, we can see that thru 18 April, we've at least
sent a "thanks; stay tuned" reply to each comment.
Well done, all.

Dan Connolly, W3C http://www.w3.org/People/Connolly/
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