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Re: Reopening issue 3.2 Qualified Restrictions

From: Jim Hendler <hendler@cs.umd.edu>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 11:44:26 -0400
Message-Id: <p05200f21bacb13aaf2ed@[]>
To: webont <www-webont-wg@w3.org>

At 11:01 AM -0400 4/22/03, Jim Hendler wrote:
>There is clearly enough interest in the group that we should reopen 
>this discussion.  As I stated before, the chairs' general position 
>is that post LC we should have a very high level of consensus before 
>making such a change, and also that we should aim for the minimum 
>change we can -- we're going to have to either make a case that this 
>doesn't really change our design (which, since it doesn't require 
>significant semantic change, is probably true) or consider a second 
>LC - the latter would be preferable in my opinion...
>  -JH

   Oops, I meant the FORMER would be preferable (NOT going to a second LC)
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