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Re: Guide: History clarification questions

From: Christopher Welty <welty@us.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 07:07:28 -0400
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Ian said OIL was heavily influenced by XOL, which is XMLized OKBC.  The 
XOL reference is:

Karp, Peter D. and Chaudhri, Vinay K. and Thomere, Jerome F. XOL: An 
XML-Based Ontology Exchange Language, Technical Report 559. AI Center, SRI 
International, 333 Ravenswood Ave., Menlo Park, CA 94025, Jul 1999. 

and is available here: http://www.ai.sri.com/pubs/full.php?id=676


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At 8:21 PM +0200 9/26/02, Frank van Harmelen wrote:
>>1. OIL ancestor clarification
>>a. Hendler - "SHOE and Ontobroker were direct contributors to DAML and 
>>b. Horrocks = "OIL was NOT based on Ontobroker - it was based on a
>>combination of
>>description logic theory and frame syntax, with the latter heavily
>>influenced by XOL, an XML serialisation of the OKBC Lite knowledge
>>If b is correct, I need an OKBC Lite citation.
>b. is correct.
>The OKBC citation is
>V. K. Chaudhri, A. Farquhar, R. Fikes, P. D. Karp, and J. P. Rice: OKBC:
>A programmatic foundation for knowledge base interoperability. In 
>Proceedings of the 15th National Conference on Artificial 
>Intelligence (AAAI-98), pages 600?607. AAAI Press,1998.

Frank's name was on both, so I trust his comments re: b.  However, 
SHOE very definitely did contribute to DAML, so that one is very much 

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