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RE: GUIDE: Revised outline

From: Stephen Buswell <StephenB@stilo.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 16:38:19 +0100
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To: "'Smith, Michael K'" <michael.smith@eds.com>, webont <www-webont-wg@w3.org>

Dear WG

this structure looks good. i still prefer Raphael's suggestion
of putting 'The Structure of Ontologies' part at the end - to talk
about the mechanics of building ontologies before explaining what
OWL actually is looks potentially a bit confusing to me.

Another issue - should we have a section on OWL implementations - 
is this a GUIDE for OWL implementers and/or OWL users ?


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From: Smith, Michael K [mailto:michael.smith@eds.com]
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Subject: GUIDE: Revised outline

I incorporated many of Raphael's suggestions. - Mike

We will develop an extended example through the course of the
document.  We have the DAML wine ontology as a suggestion for a
starting point.  Any others?

Common idioms and entailments will be discussed throughout.
They will be clearly labeled as such in some standard format.


- Introduction

  - Motivation
  - Capability
  - Structure of doc (Structure, Lite vs. Full, appendices)

- The Structure of Ontologies

  <<< Was Housekeeping. I still like this up front, for exactly the 
  point that Raphael mentioned, immediate gratification.  I am hoping 
  this document will provide some cookbook-like support. >>>

  - Namespaces 
  - Ontology headers
  - Importing ontologies (w/ forward pointer to Ontology Mapping)

- OWL Lite

  - Simple Classes, Individuals, Datatypes
    - Defining simple hierarchical named classes (class, subClassOf)
    - Defining individuals (individual)
    - Datatypes (user-defined XML Schema datatypes) 

  - Simple Properties 
    - Defining properties (property, subPropertyOf, domain, range)
    - Properties of individuals

  - Property Characteristics and Restrictions
    - inverseOf, transitive, symmetric, functional
    - unambiguousProperty, allValuesFrom, someValueFrom
    - simple cardinality 

  - Ontology mapping 
    - sameClassAs, samePropertyAs
    - sameIndividualAs, differentIndividualFrom 

- Full OWL 

  - Complex Classes (axioms and constructive classes)

    - Class relations
      - oneOf (enumerated classes) 
      - disjoint classes
      - sameClassAs, subClassOf applied to class expressions 

    - unionOf, intersectionOf, complementOf 

  - Complex Property axioms
    - Full cardinality
    - hasValue

- References

  - Related OWL
    - Feature List
    - Reference
    - Syntax docs
    - Formal Model
    - ...

  - Related standards
    - RDF
    - RDFS
    - XML
    - URI
    - Namespace
    - XML Schema

  - General
    - KR/Ontology
    - OIL
    - DAML-ONT
    - DAML+OIL

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