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Use case notes

From: Jim Hendler <hendler@cs.umd.edu>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 13:58:02 -0500
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Below are the notes I made on the use cases when I was kicked off the 
chat in the "netsplit" -- Those who aren't listed here, please send 
to the group -- a couple of sentences like this will help if you 
don't have time to do detailed ones.  I will collect these in the 
next day or two and see if we can cluster them into a few categories 
- then we will need volunteers to have smaller phone calls (the 3-5 
people in each group) and to write up the cases -- we will also need 
someone to try to collect from these groups the requirements -- Lynn 
Stein has volunteered to help with the final editing of this.  Please 
consider volunteering to do one of the other parts and let me know
  -Jim H.

Use cases:

** Lynn Stein - Organize web sites / bibliograph

** Mike Smith - EDS - web page/document set maintenance - more 
powerful tools for categorizing (hierarchically)

** J. Carroll - HP - Describing species w/many dbs and etc.
                    - defaults
                    - capture common wrong info

** Jos De Roo - Agfa - belief in intros (i.e. contradictions/inconsistencies)

** Mike Dean - BBN - pragmatic (usable language) - make information 
out there more usable - airline schedules, hotel services - 
suggestion making, flight delay notification, etc.  -- add his own 
info to it.  (diff hotels likely to use diff descriptions)

** Leo Obrst - Mitre - electronic catalogs, services (incl. 
DAMLs/UDDI) - hammer of certain kind, screw of particular length 
w/various constraints (cost, location, etc.) - example weather.
   Conceptual search - can we do better than boolean, cluster etc.

** Peter P-S - Lucent: web services - (specifically between UDDI and 
DAML-s in complexity)

** Marwan Sabbouh Mitre- Agrees w/Peter/Leo on service advertising
     ontologies in info ret. and discovery - semantic indexing
     ontologies in database schema mapping - non-unified schema maps
     ontologies in software development - spec of fatures w/o having 
to have specific code

** Ian Horrocks U Manchester- similar reqs in some e-science/grid 
projects - service ID, etc. could be less general than currnet Daml-S

** N. Gibbins - U. SouthHampton conceptual open-hypermedia -- create 
links on fly from underlying ontology (links = relations in ontology) 
- need to determine "interesting" relations.
   Community of practice - identifying commonalities from descriptions of people

** Ziv Hellman  Israel- E/R and ontology (DB schema to ontology)

** Stefan Decker Stanford - model telecommunication devices to use 
ontologies for config of services in a large network.

** Jeff Heflin  Lehigh - context sensitive web search
    inter-domain web search
    question answering on the Web
    communication between heterogeneous agents
      - ontology change/versioning

** Pat Hayes - leveraging ongoing complex ontologies (KIF/SUO/RKF) 
and rapid creation of complex ontologies.

** Guus Shreiber - picture collections and their definition
	reqs: in email

** Libby Miller - easier to get the info out there, info in querying

** Herman ter horst - automated adaptation of content to a user and 
its environment - tagging/ontology of sensors - adaptation of 
content, user profiles, etc.

** Ned Smith - embedding ontologies in sensors/actuators (distributed 
and efficiently represented) - ontologies need to be linkable to form 
composites (plug and play).
   interface w/legacy control devices - report properties of that 
device (real-time monitoring)
   division of labor for distributed manageability - mgt services - 
need to have definitions of roles and domains of the various services 
so they can get correct accesses, etc.
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