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DASL and DELTA-V properties

From: Wallmer, Martin <Martin.Wallmer@softwareag.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 09:37:44 +0200
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should a DAV:allprop SEARCH on a Delta-V enabled resource return all Delta-V
properties as well? According to 

RFC 3253

3.11 Additional PROPFIND Semantics

   A DAV:allprop PROPFIND request SHOULD NOT return any of the
   properties defined by this document.  This allows a versioning server
   to perform efficiently when a naive client, which does not understand
   the cost of asking a server to compute all possible live properties,
   issues a DAV:allprop PROPFIND request.

PROPFIND should not return them. Is this true for SEARCH as well? Is there a
need to define the behaviour for SEARCH as well?


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