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RE: JW10: QSD usage

From: Jim Whitehead <ejw@ics.uci.edu>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 14:46:18 -0700
To: "Babich, Alan" <ABabich@filenet.com>, "'DASL'" <www-webdav-dasl@w3.org>
> Second, properties: It is most definitely a
> benefit to provide the properties that are
> supported, have the UI display them, and have the UI
> allow the user to select only the supported properties
> with the mouse. Look at any of the query UI's that my
> company or a lot of other companies ship.
> It's sort of de facto standard approach to query UI's
> on higher end systems, and for good reasons.

I've been thinking about this aspect of QSD, and I have some concerns.
Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but it appears we're creating a situation
where a client A can submit a DASL query to server X and have it succeed,
and submit the same query to server Y and have it not succeed because server
Y doesn't index the same properties as server X.  Is this correct?  Or would
it be the case that both queries would work, but the query on server Y would
be much slower because the searched property isn't indexed?

My concern is with interoperability.  If it is the case that the same query
might not work from server to server, it will be very difficult to develop
clients that use searching, and could lead to lack of adoption of the

- Jim
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